Thursday, August 26, 2010

VIDEO: Michelle Malkin Slams Progressives on Muslim Cabbie Attack — Heads Explode at 'Think Progress'

I caught Michelle on Fox & Friends this morning. Awesome commentary on the radical leftists who couldn't leap fast enough at the chance to smear the "evil" right-wing for the attack on the cabbie.

She's also got a post up, "Left: The NYC Muslim cabbie stabbing was right-wing ISLAMOPHOBIA!…oh, wait a minute…"

And apparently Michelle's struck a nerve.
Think Progress is all up in arms, to say nothing of the vile commenters there. The second and third set of comments begin at #37 and #49:
  1. eyeswideopen1 says:

    Petty doesn’t begin to describe this little food fight you guys are having with Faux. Who gives a flying f**k what commenters post.

    The nutjobs on the right wing sites say things 10 times as bad!

  2. Badmoodman says:

    Malkin Indicts TP For Our Commenters, But Disclaims ‘All Liability’ From Her Own Blog’s Comments

    – - Wingnuts aren’t very clear on the concept of free speech rights. I’m sure Malkin approves of the racist and bigoted troll comments though.

  3. jbrantow says:

    malkin, the hypocritical hate spewing anchor baby dares to call out anyone jumping to conclusions. She’s pathetic.

  4. F**k the Army (brought to you by the US Army) says:

    find a teabagger, and teabag him liberally.


  1. Creeping Death says:

    So some right wing wacko finds out a cab driver is Muslim, so he slashes the cab drivers throat and in Malkin’s twisted little mind the real story is the commentary at a progressive web site?

    What if a left wing wacko who happened to be a Muslim found out a cab driver was a Christian and slashed his throat, would Malkin than say that the real story is the commentary at a conservative web site?

    Folks, if Malkin’s comment doesn’t show you where this country is heading, if the republicans get back in charge, nothing will.

    I am actually shocked by her moronic commentary.

  2. bizarrobrain (brought to you by The Citadel of Satanic Kitten Worship and Tidy Cat) says:

    Malkin Indicts TP For Our Commenters, But Disclaims ‘All Liability’ From Her Own Blog’s Comments

    Sure several of us (myself included jumped to conclusions) but considering the rhetoric from Malkin’s side it was a very easy thing to do.

    Though I find it pathetic that she chooses to nitpick our comments and ignores stuff like this on her own blog. This is from the article that TP linked to:

    On August 25th, 2010 at 5:51 pm, Flyoverman said:
    If they build it there will be blood.

    [T]he bilge spewing commenters at ThinkProgress immediately indicted Newt Gingrich, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and yes, right here it says, “Thanks Fox.”

    I do believe Limbaugh, Beck and Gingrich we’re only mentioned by maybe three of the regulars, so thanks for pointing that out and it’s sad that you chose to ignore both the serious posters who were condemning the irrational bigotry coming from your side as well as the bigotry coming from pseudo-conservative trolls who were using terms like “muzz” to paint all Muslims as extremists.

  3. dasm says:

    Malkin somehow misses the real point: Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, etc. actually ARE inciting hatred towards Muslims (& others)with inflamed rhetoric, lies, exaggerations, & personal attacks. They deserve to be called on it. This is their/her way of absolving themselves of ALL responsibility for the hatred & racism & violence they promote. All their vicious lies & smears are recorded, but still they deny, deny, deny. And, of course, attack others who mention it.

  1. toonces (infinity plus one) says:

    Hey Michelle,

    ……..(’(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  2. IgnoranceIsNotBliss says:

    I do not own my own comments and I expressly disclaim any and all liability that may result from them. By commenting on my site, I do not agree that I will retain all ownership rights in what I post here and that I will relieve myself from any and all liability that may result from those postings.

    New conmmenting policy for the right wing.

  3. Leaving aside her lack of decency and hypocrisy on the issue of comments on her blog, how can she look into the camera and say that the aggressive rhetoric the Right has been putting on the news over the NYC Mosque story had nothing to do with this? I mean, when you continually use incendiary rhetoric and someone finally starts a fire, how can you feel shocked when people connect the dots?

  4. radpat_insurgent says:

    I swear I have crossed paths with MM while living and working in Pattaya, Thailand a few years ago, if you know what I mean?

  5. susancarrie says:

    So, she gets twitchy when the chickens of their hatemongering start coming home to roost, mmmm?

    Pass the bilge, TP, and keep it coming. It’s one of the best ways we have for human decency to prevail in this poor, whipsawed country. We can do it… when push comes to shove, THERE ARE STILL A LOT MORE OF US THAN OF THEM!

    We just have to stop bickering, or feeling sorry for ourselves because our pet idea has been bypassed or not fully implemented, or becoming so sickened by the whole mess that we disassociate. We have to stay alert, and to prevail, unless we want to wake up some morning in THEIR world…

  6. Bob, Teabaggers Are Terrorists, wurst says:

    Hi Michelle, Do you know what your fans do while they watch you on their computers? They turn down the sound, dim the lights, and tug on their pimple covered puds until their moans attracts the attention of their mothers.

  7. Xisithrus says:

    does malkin understand that many of the people she is appeasing dont think she should be an american citizen?

  8. toonces (infinity plus one) says:

    So much hate in such a tiny package. Very ugly, indeed.

  9. doc_halidai says:

    Definition: malkin
    1. an untidy woman; slattern.
    2. a scarecrow, ragged puppet, or grotesque effigy.

  10. MCMetal says:

    Piss off , Michelle Mentalcase , you stupid little chipmunk ….

  11. Biot says:

    What all the knowledgeable people said…

  12. pags2 a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chicago Democratic Party says:

    It is gratifying that TP angers Malkin. Let’s keep up the good work and see who else at Fox we can annoy. If we are lucky it will be Beck.

  13. pags2 a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chicago Democratic Party says:

    I would add to my comments that we should be more judicious in our posts so that Malkin cannot point to shrill comments and name calling on the blog. Otherwise it is easy to characterize TP by the worst posts.

  14. tarazan says:

    Malkin is another copy of Ann Coulter.

    They both make their living attacking others, and write worthless books.

    Malkin is a hate writing specialist, just like Coulter.

    I remember when Malkin accused Rachael Ray two years ago of being a Palestinians sympathizer ,and went further to suggest that Rachael is a terrorist sympathizer for wearing a Kaufya scar.

    Something toursits buy when they go to the Middle East as a souvenir,and can be bought in many Middle Eastern shops in America.

    Instead of blaming the existing Muslims hate euphoria which started by exreme Right wing elements,she instead blaming TP commenters.

    The attack on Cab driver in city of NY was a result of relentless attacks on Muslims for over two months supported by networks like Fox and others,and by racist politicians like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin who were fueling hate.

    If Malkin and her Fox network buddies cannot see the link between their hate, racism selling, and the attack on cab driver, then something indeed is wrong with their thinking.

    I don’t care if the attacker is Tea Party member or not..but I know that he was motivated by the climate created by the people Malkin is defending like Gingrich,Limbuagh and yes Fox.

    Fox might not have told this guy to go and attack the driver, but Fox has been telling people nationwide for months that by allowing Muslims to build their center you are allowing them to take over your country,not to forget all the scare about Sharia law and rewarding Bin Ladin…etc..etc.
    Gingrich said using Cordoba’s name symbolizes conquesring of this country.

    Malkin is trying to look innocent,but we got here by the words and work of these hate-mongers,who are trying to deflect accusations of having their hands full of all of this hate-mongering campaign against Mulsims.

  15. passionate centrist says:

    This comment has been voted down. Click to read.

  16. Cats r Flyfishn (Just Another Day on Earth) says:

    If Michelle Malkin is getting her pantyhose in a knot over TP bloggers, then we must be doing something right.

  17. belaccifer lacca says:

    passionate centrist says:

    You don’t believe the inflated rhetoric of the right on this issue contributed to this attack?
    Okay, I do…
    Take a gander at this:

    Thoughts? Why is Michelle pushing a falsehood?

  18. Leftside Annie - brought to you by FOX Pasteurized Process Newsproduct says:

    Oh, and hey, Michelle? If you’re reading this, you can kiss my progressive lefty ASS.


  19. QXXIX says:

    Fox News = Ministry of Truth

  20. Chicano2ndFightingTerrorismSince1492 says:

    Hey Michelle, you ugly, self-hating Filipina, kiss my brown a$$.

  21. Virtual Pebble (The Revolution will NOT be Televised) says:

    This actually does a disservice and is disrespectful of all the working girls and ho’s who were around Subic Bay/Cubi Point and Clark. They were at least honest about what they were doing and what they were there for, while Malkin seems to have come down on the side of being the worst kind of American – some kind of bigoted, mean-spirited twerp.


Indigo Red said...

At the very end of the video, it's said the lefty drunk slashed the throat of the cabbie who didn't think the mosque should be built there.

"Sharif actually opposes it being constructed at the current location."

Rusty Walker said...

It's definitely "rough out here!" as I hear you say sometimes, Doc. This string of vile comments amounts to nothing more than white noise after a while, each attempting to outdo the next ...juvenile hatemail...and does nothing to advance an intelligent argument and doesn't offer a single truth.