Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reason.TV — 'What We Saw at the Glenn Beck Rally in DC'

It's an interesting video. I love the woman at about 2:25 minutes who reacts to the notion of "African-Americans" — "I'm not African. I'm American, black American." My thoughts precisely. She's a registered independent as well. Lots of folks are fed up with two-party politics as usual. In any case, be sure to read Glenn Reynolds' comments on the religious theme of the event. I can comment on that more when I listen to Glenn Beck's speech, but I agree with Glenn that you can't transform the tea party (small-government) movement into a religious one:


Anonymous said...

It was a very positive, empowering experience to be there.

I'm not sure why even the smartest, most respectable folks in the blogsphere believe this was a tea party, or aimed at tea parties. I don't think it was. Oh, they may have been there, but it was so much more...