Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pamela Geller Was Not Involved in the August 22 Ground Zero Mosque Protest — UPDATED!! Charles Johnson Falsely Smears Pamela, Again!

Today's protest in New York was sponsored by The Coalition to Honor Ground Zero, not Pamela Geller. But that hasn't stopped the left's demonologists from attacker her. Here's Max Blumenthal on Twitter:


That's pretty extreme rhetoric. "Pogromists"? God. Unreal. Some Ground Zero opponents are obviously pretty fired up about this, and apparently there was an incident today where a man at the rally was mistakenly unwelcomed as a Muslim. There's a video here, but the New York Times (FWIW) reports on a number of other incidents of potential fisticuffs as well: "Proposed Muslim Center Draws Opposing Protests." But not mentioned at NYT is Pamela Geller. I guess the facts don't matter to the leftist hate-merchants. Balloon Juice has too posts up attacking Pamela: "Black, Muslim, Same Difference":
Here’s some video from the Atlas Jugs anti-mosque rally, where some black guy made the mistake of looking Muslimish and was harassed and nearly assaulted by the collection of lily white mouth-breathers at the event ...
And "White Riot":
Just to follow up on John’s piece about the man being mistaken for a Muslim and nearly assaulted at Pam Geller’s hate-fest ...
"Pamela Geller's hate fest"? (And allegedly racist, too?)

Actually, no.

Atlas Shrugs (and now a thread at Memeorandum):
I have no idea who organized this rally. Clearly, whoever organized this was careless, unprepared, shooting from the hip and harmful to the cause of freedom and compassion. I wasn't even in the state, nor did I know anything about this half-assed effort.
Doug Ross has pictures from the event. There most likely were many Pamela Geller supporters on the ground. But considering that Pamela's being viciously slurred as a "pogromist" and "Atlas jugs" racist, I can understand her response. Not only that, scheduling duel protests was in fact a bad idea. Ground Zero attracts a lot of antiwar freaks, truthers, and America-bashers. Why make it even worse by scheduling an event vis-à-vis the Daisy Khan terror-enablers. And clearly, Max Blumenthal and the folks at Balloon Juice fall into that latter category.


UPDATE: Asshats, all of them, but especially Charles Johnson, whose entire existence by now is to project hatred onto people so much more successful:



Jeff Miles said...

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Although some other religions have spread
themselves using force, most had little justification from their own
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Muhammad tried to spread Islam by peaceful means. After twelve
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He then changed tactics
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