Monday, August 30, 2010

From Palin Derangement to Acknowledging Left-Wing Sexism — Now That's Progress!

This line from Anna Holmes and Rebecca Traister captures a lot:
We progressives discount her references to the women’s movement — not to mention her validity as a candidate — by looking down on her as a dim, opportunistic, mean-girl prom queen, all spunk and no policy muscle.
That's fine. Funny though is how much these two can't stand the fact that a conservative woman is redefining feminism away from the left's culture of death. Holmes and Traister prattle on about "reproductive rights" and how Sarah Palin's intent is to roll back progress for women. This is such patent mendacity it's almost obscene. I can't take women seriously --- leftist women, or any others for that matter --- who insist that the ability to abort a pregnancy is the sine qua non of women's progress. And as much as I hate abortion, I've never argued for a 100 percent ban on it. There's so much caricature in discussions of conservative positions on the left --- seriously, I keep seeing so much of it of late (Markos Moultisas is getting to me, I guess). But what's good about the article, is the full-blown acknowledgement that Democrats are sexist. Yep, that's really the thesis here, for example:
... the sad truth is that Democrats often prefer their women fulfilling similarly diminutive models for behavior. Consider how Hillary Clinton has been treated, at times, by those in her own party: Democratic leaders never really celebrated Mrs. Clinton’s nation-altering place in history as the first female candidate to get so close to a major party’s presidential nomination. Indeed, she is most appreciated when she plays well with others in the Senate or the State Department; when she behaves like a fierce competitor, she is compared to Glenn Close’s bunny-boiling virago from “Fatal Attraction.”
If folks can remember all the vicious attacks on blogs like HillBuzz and the Pumas, well, it's clear that it's not women's progress that these people want, but lock-step ideological compliance. Kill more babies. Rob more taxpayers. Appease more Islamists. I could go on. It's all so strange sometimes. What drives that kind of hatred? I get it, but not always.