Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rev. Walter Fauntroy Attacks Tea Parties as KKK

At ABC News, "Tea Party Spells KKK, Rights Leader Says: Black Leaders Outraged Over 'Restoring Honor' Rally" (via Memeorandum):
A civil rights activist and former congressman equated the Tea Party with the Ku Klux Klan today as he blasted a conservative rally planned in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

The Rev. Walter Fauntroy, the non-voting delegate who represented the District of Columbia from 1971 to 1991, called on African-Americans to organize a "new coalition of conscience" to rebut the rally scheduled for Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial featuring Fox News pundit Glenn Beck and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

"We are going to take on the barbarism of war, the decadence of racism, and the scourge of poverty, that the Ku Klux -- I meant to say the Tea Party," Fauntroy told a news conference today at the National Press Club. "You all forgive me, but I -- you have to use them interchangeably."
The NAACP has been an organization searching for relevance throughout the post-civil rights era. This latest "tea party racism" smear just further destroys whatever credibility the organization has left. You just cannot make unhinged allegations like this and think that rational, well-meaning Americans are going to take you seriously. The MFM will, of course, and this stuff will get wild traction across the leftosphere, but it's sick. At the clip, be sure to pay attention to David Webb of Tea Party 365. His words reflect the outrage at whatever shows of bigotry we have seen, examples that are always repudiated on the spot and the perpetrators banned from participation at tea party functions. The press just doesn't report all of this, and the racial-grievance industry only shines its beam on extremist freaks while attempting to tar millions of Americans as white supremacists.

Amazing, but I thought we already put these smears to bed.


Dennis said...

As long as the Left thinks it will work they will keep going to that well. Even though the water in the well is so poisoned that no one else will pay attention to it.
This is a good sign as is most of the comments from the Left because it demonstrates the failures of Leftism and the degree of depravity that they are capable.
As I have said before I love this stuff because it just alienates more people. Alienate a few here and alienate a few there and all of a sudden they have alienated a large number of the electorate and their credibility becomes non existent.
Kudos on keeping it out there for everyone to see. Never stop your opponent from doing damage to themselves. There will come a time that nothing they say, no word they utilize, or no action they take will have value because they have undermined the meaning of those very actions.

Dennis said...

There is one thing Mao said that I agree with: "In advantage likes the seeds of disadvantage and in disadvantage lies the seeds of advantage."(SIC) One has to be smart enough to recognize those seeds and use them. The ultimate irony is that all of what the Left attempts can be used against them for they sow the seeds of their own defeat. Because of their hatred and arrogance they lack the capacity to do otherwise.

dave in boca said...

I lived in DC when I was in the State Dept for about 20 years during much of the Fauntroy "congresscritter" era and the guy was a total zero. He is gaga to say the least.

The strategy of throwing mud at one's opponents doesn't seem to be getting traction among those who actually go to the polls and vote. The funny part is that the state-controlled media is digging its own grave as it reports the words of over-the-hill types [redskin reference] like Fauntroy and the NAACP, which has gone the way of the KKK & is as racist except as Yin to the KKK Yang.