Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: 'I'm You' (Again)

Jim Geraghty has the analysis:

The spot still has that feel of defensive vulnerability. I'm not in Delaware so it's hard to say. Maybe the O'Donnell camp needs to stress this for an additional round, but Geraghty's right that she'd better start getting down to bread-and-butter issues. That, and let's get on with some attack ads (see Allahpundit on that). Research shows that voters often get the most informational "meat" from them, especially if they're accurate. (And I'm mindful of not going too far with this. Alan Grayson's been over-the-top, but in California the ads for the governor's and Senate races have been an effective source of information for voters.) As for O'Donnell, folks have probably decided by now if they like her. If she runs this personal "I'm you" style spot again, there's gotta be some additional "ummph" to it.