Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Left's Opportunistically Hypocritical Attack on Rich Iott

Joshua Green asks:"
Why is This GOP House Candidate Dressed as a Nazi?" It's a good question. It's probably not something I would do. But the candidate, Rich Iott, is a past participant in WWII military reenactments. These are quite common among history buffs. But here's the thing: If this were a Democrat candidate you wouldn't hear a peep. (I've yet to see the left's outrage for the Jerry Brown campaign's misogyny, for example.) Racism, sexism and hatred of the other? Leftists offer social justifications for them. But open season if it's a GOP candidate. See, "Left's Pathetic Attack On Republican Iott For German Re-enactment Participation." (Via Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: "TwitterGate Update: Neal Rauhauser Switches Account to ‘Protected’ Status."


Obi's Sister said...

This is just plain ridiculous.

Living in GA, we are used to reenactments, especially Civil War, and double-especially on the very same ground where the battle occurred. And the Union Soldiers don't just drive down every weekend from Pennsylvania. Each group has it's own batch of Rebels and Yankees. Unfortunately, someone has to be on the other side.

The Democrats have run out of steam and are desperately grasping at any straw they think might sway even one weak-minded voter. What's next? Calling candidates Satanists for handing out Halloween candy? Sic'ing the ASPCA on candidates because they dressed their dogs up in costumes?

The absurdity of it all just boggles the mind!