Friday, October 1, 2010

Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN

Mary Katherine Ham had the best headline on the scandal: "Rick Sanchez: I'm Way More of a Minority Than 'Bigot' Jon Stewart Because the Jews Run CNN."

Well, he's out now. And iHATETHEMEDIA's got the appropriately-titled report, "
Rick Sanchez fired by the evil Jewish media overlords at CNN." (ADDED: At Memeorandum now, and also NYT, "CNN Fires Sanchez After Critique of Stewart.")

This story will be
all over the news tonight. The various media reports are hilarious. At NPR, "CNN Spokesperson: Anchor Rick Sanchez 'Is No Longer With The Company'," and especially WaPo, "Rick Sanchez leaves CNN after anchor calls Jon Stewart a 'bigot'." Well, he didn't just "leave."