Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Knew? Bill Clinton Beats Obama for Positive Impact On Campaign

Hey, I scooped Gallup — by three days!

And that pic with Loretta Sanchez is the clincher!

Here's my post from Saturday: "
Bill Clinton Stands In for Barack Obama So Voters Will Forget They Hate Democrats, Or Something."

And here's Gallup this morning: "
Bill Clinton's Impact More Positive for Democrats Than Obama's."


Former President Bill Clinton has the potential to do more good for Democratic candidates on whose behalf he campaigns than does President Barack Obama. The net positive impact of Clinton's campaigning among Democratic registered voters is +48, while the number is a slightly lower +42 for Obama. Clinton, however, has a significantly more positive impact than Obama does among independents -- and among Republicans.
Maybe Obama can have sex with a White House intern to turn some of those numbers around. Worked for Clinton.


Dana said...

Don't you see, Dr D? Mr Clinton has a better impact than Mr Obama 'cause the audiences are RAAAAACISTS!!!

KingShamus said...

It's amazing how the prog-heads love President Bubba anymore. Back in the day, they were hatin;' on him because of his triangulation strategy.

Politics is a strange game sometimes.

Robert Pearson said...

But wait, Sir, did Bill Clinton have "sex" with the intern or did he just participate in various "acts" that were or were not sex, depending "on what the definition of 'is' is"?

One of the things that I found particularly creepy about l'affaire Lewinsky was not that the President had a dalliance, it was the creepiness of the passive-aggressive nature of the not-sex he had. Other Presidents had affairs, but as far as is known they had hearty, normal sex with women, rather than talk of cigars...Loretta Sanchez might not be nearly so enthusiastic if she ever got a one-on-one tutorial with the Ol' Pol.