Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yawn — Racist NAACP and La Raza Allege Tea Party RAAAAACISM, Again...

NYT has the story, "N.A.A.C.P. Report Raises Concerns About Racism Within Tea Party Groups."

It's funny though: If
David Neiwert's name is seen anywhere near the word "racism," you can rest assured the allegations are a bunch of hot air. This is an industry. And coming two weeks before the election, this latest wheezing gasp for relevance and impact on the part of the racist NAACP and its La Raza allies is deeply pathetic.

RELATED: From Roger L. Simon, "Why I Won’t Be Reading the NAACP’s Report on Tea Party Racism."


Rusty Walker said...

Racism has in fact decreased in this country. But, while there will continue to be racism in some form or another here as in every other major country, the consistent and frivolous accusations of racism from the Left threatens to blur the actual racism that really does exist.