Friday, May 20, 2011

Priorities USA Goes After Mitt Romney

At Roll Call, "Democratic Priorities USA Runs Ad Hitting Romney," and The Caucus, "Group Unleashes Early Ad Against Romney" (via Memeorandum).

Plus, in the comments at Althouse, from LincolnF:

Bring it on, pissants.

Mitt Romney is in a whole other category of men than Obama. Let the grubby little hit pieces keep coming, they're all the Left has got. I really hope Romney gets the nod (I know, I know...) so Americans can see the contrast between he and Obama. Mitt is ten times the leader that Barry is, and that won't be easy for the Dems to hide, even from the American Idol-type voters who voted Obama in last time.
Pissants. Yep.


lady di said...

I agree with ya. I felt he left the last election much too soon..