Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Asshole of the Day'

What do you know? A lot of these pricks stalking around the tubes these days, it turns out. I dealt some assholes yesterday myself, bunch of ASFLs. Goes with the territory, I guess. Progressive losers just hate --- and I mean, really, really hate --- my moral clarity. That, and try as they might they just can't beat me into submission. And believe me, these idiots are big blowhards slamming face first faster than you can say narcissistic personality disorder. Of course, now they're insinuating death threats, natch. The left's satanic's verses. I deal with it, frankly, since you gotta stand up these commie pricks, and I'm just the guy to do it. The keep beating their brains trying to take me down. I'm still standing. Dickwads.

Anyway, see Amy Alkon's post. She's a beauty.


salvage said...


You are a real American hero! You keep sitting there at your computer fighting the good fight you unstoppable force of all that is good and right in the world!

Seriously, they need to clone you for the security of future generations.

Or you're a weenis blogger who thinks waaaaaay too much of the words he puts on people's screens.

Sorry to damp squib my sarcasm but you don't seem to understand a lot of stuff and I was wjavascript:void(0)orried you might have thought I was serious.