Saturday, August 27, 2011

Justice Bradley Attacked Justice Prosser

Progressives sought to destroy Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser on the basis of a false allegation: that he had Justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold during the courthouse altercation. The radical left had it out for Prosser, and frankly smeared his reputation as part of a demonization campaign to get him off the court. Bradley's story started to fall flat very early on, and of course the special prosecutor did not file charges in the end, because the allegations were bogus. And now there's release of the special prosecutor's report. I've just skimmed things so far, but your first shot should be William Jacobson, "Turns out WI Justice Ann Walsh Bradley was the one with the anger management problem." And then check out this phenomenal entry at Althouse, "I've finally waded through the "chokehold" investigation file."


Expect more analysis on this later, but it's clear that Justice Prosser was defending against an attack from Justice Bradley, who charged him with fists raised, as Althouse reported from the beginning.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ann Althouse on Flickr.

BONUS: From David Blaska, "Where does David Prosser go to get his reputation back?":

There are some people who need to apologize to Mr. Justice David Prosser now that he has been cleared and soon. They took a shallowly researched and preposterous allegation -- that Prosser held fellow justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a chokehold -- and ran to the guillotine with it.


Concerned Patriot said...

Justice Prosser is a good man. Keep up the good fight against the lies of the liberal left.