Tuesday, August 23, 2011

W. James Casper: 'I Was in the Pool!!'

Here's a follow-up to "W. James Casper H8® — Was That Wrong?"

And you know, it's just sad. W. James Casper claims to have children too. Poor kids. Probably would be better off as wards of the state. The bad dad sponsors so much hatred and threats at his website it's almost criminal that he's got any custodial responsibilities. (That is, if he's not lying about actually having a family, and considering the epic loser status we're dealing with here, well, who the hell knows?!!) W. James Casper's moral compass is more shriveled that George Costanza's scrotal sac: "I was in the pool!! I was in the pool!!" And note how W. James Casper's got even less hair than George, and twice the weight, as far as I can tell, so hey, it's a pretty good fit, ASFL:

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