Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Uncle Onyango!

You gotta love the "long lost" uncle.

Barack Hussein calls him "Uncle Omar."

At London's Daily Mail, "Obama's 'lost' Uncle Omar held in jail for being 'illegal immigrant'... after he was arrested for drunk driving."

Also at Telegraph UK, "Barack Obama’s uncle on drink driving arrest: 'I will call the White House’."


Colton Smith said...

How did he receive a social security card? How did he receive a license? Something is not right here! It's one thing to have a DUI...people make mistakes...it's another thing to be illegally living in the United States! Makes me wonder if he's also getting government welfare on the taxpayer's dime? Why didn't CNN or NSNBC not have any coverage on this?? This is serious...why in the world is his uncle and aunt here illegally?? No wonder obama hasn't done anything about immigration reform! This obama guy is the laughing stock of the United States...it's a disgrace that we even elected this idiot! We look like fools right now...we look weak! I will do everything in my power to make sure he does not win re-election. I am forever grateful for the fact that I can proudly say that I did not vote for this crook! God bless The United States of America...God bless Israel.