Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is Rick Perry 'Pro-Sharia'?

I put "pro-sharia" in quotation marks since you'd have to be a Muslim extremist to favor sharia law over Western constitutionalism. But there's some big debate on Rick Perry's warm ties with the Aga Khan organization, which apparently funds some kind of Islamic awareness education program in Texas. And earlier I saw this big write-up at Bare Naked Islam, but didn't pay too much attention: "Don’t know if there’s any truth to the rumor that Rick Perry’s daughter is married to the Muslim son of the Aga Khan…but there sure is a lot of information out there about Perry’s Islamo-pandering in Texas as well as his not having a problem with construction of a tower of terror in the form of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque in NYC."

Anyway, I also saw Pamela Geller writing about all of this earlier as well, and now here's this: "PAMELA GELLER IN THE AMERICAN THINKER: SMEARING GELLER ON PERRY."


Lots of information so follow the links.

As I noted last week, Rick Perry's been under the radar and Americans are just now learning about him, which is the purpose of political campaigns. But Islam in America is largely driven by a subtererranean supremacy agenda that you won't learn about in the terror-coddling press. And if Perry turns out to be the GOP field's Grover Norquist, then I'll campaign against him aggressively.

Expect updates.