Friday, August 26, 2011

Jon Huntsman on PBS NewsHour

He hedges on higher taxes for the wealthy, but that's where he was going with the discussion. He's RINO as far as I can tell. I doubt he'll go very far, and personally, I don't think he should be considered as running-mate for one of the top-tier candidates. See The Hill, "Huntsman says if elected he would call on wealthy to ‘sacrifice’." And at the clip, scroll forward to about 4:40 minutes:


Dennis said...

When someone like him believes in "established", read settled science, one has to question that person's capacity to think and deal with ideas that may challenge his. It does seem that those of us who do not believe in AGW and believe in Heliocentric climate change have received a nice boost from the new CERN report. It would seem most of the formation of clouds are created by " aerosol necleation" caused by the Sun. I won't go into why this is important because once one belongs to the "church of AGW no fact will change their minds.
It would seem that settled science is not so settled even thought they tried to hide it. And to think that they will have to change "climate models" to reflect information that would have been readily available if so many so called scientists were not so wedded to an unsubstantiated theory.
Huntsman is the perfect example of a person, like Obama, that cannot even couch the thought that others who might be equally conversant with various issues and fields of research might believe differently. Another closed Leftist mind bearing a Republican label.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


That's Code-Speak for TAXES!

Dude, just ADMIT it!

As in the Godfather: "you are dead to me."

Huntsman, you are a LOO - ZERR!