Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Mindless, Nihilistic Dirge In Praise of a Godless Universe

From Kathy Shaidle, "Where’s Guy Fawkes when you need him?":
In honor of goddam Jack Layton, the goddam bells on the goddam Peace Tower played goddam “Imagine” — a mindless, nihilistic dirge in praise of a Godless universe.
Kathy's talking about the Ottawa Peace Tower, and the memorial for the late New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton.

This reminds me of idiot Bonejob Brendan Keefe, who murderously hates David Horowitz, because the latter has rightly excoriated radical socialist progressivism as a nihilist project of hate, demonization and destruction. Sometime back, I commented at Bonejob's, and he whined like a child:

I would say in particular that this phrase from your blurb of his book -- "the freakish nihilism of the radical left" -- doesn't even make sense in light of what this book of his is supposed to be about: "the Left has continued to advance its socialist schemes …" Stipulating for the moment that We have such an Agenda, it can hardly be said to be nihilist to have one -- to seek to advance a different social order (or to foist one upon you, if you insist) is not at all the same thing as wanting to do away with any and every social order, just for the sake of destruction.
Blah. Blah. Blah. Bonejob has no reply to David Horowitz or to the right's perfectly accurate description of progressivism as sick, disgusting nihilism, and I hammer idiot Bonejob for his ignorance:
And seriously, you should at least read the book (cited at the link below) before you blow off "nihilism." The left has recycled Soviet Marxism-Leninism, giving a pass to the murder of 100s of millions. When those apologies for totalitarianism --- what leftist refer to as "actually existing socialism" --- become a defense of a failed ideology, all you have left is utter nothingness, hence nihilism. Try to fit that into your vocab, big boy.
It goes on like this, with Bonejob continuing to act like a child, typing some kind of dissing epithet, "Blargh," and finally throwing up his hands in defeat:
I was not typing "Blargh" in response to your effort to twist the definition of nihilism to fit your own preconceived notions. It was in response to everything else.
For Bonejob, "being your age" means calling your opponents crazies worthy of being mocked. It means adopting a postmodern collectivist epistemology that rejects the accepted usage of words such as nihilism. That's typical, since progressives can't respond to arguments on the merits, and frankly must resort to outright lies and intimidation to win the day. It's pathetic. David Horowitz knows whereof he speaks when pointing out the true nature of leftist ideology as a nihilistic project of hate and nothingness.

And that brings me back to Kathy Shaidle, because she's right on. For as much as I love The Beatles, John Lennon's "Imagine," while beautifully idealistic, is ideologically evil. And that's why progressives love it. Their idealism is not about improving the world but destroying it. Every left-wing progressive scheme of grand 20th-century state-level socialiist "improvement" ended in the camps. And despite the 100s of millions who have been exterminated on the road to leftist heaven, they keep trying. That's nihilist. It's so despicably stupid as to make pure evil simply banal. And Kathy links to Dennis Prager, "Why the Right Fears Transforming America -- and the Left Seeks It," who writes:
Lennon's utopia is our dystopia. A world without God to give people some certitude that all their suffering is not meaningless is a nightmare. A world without religion means a world without any systematic way of ennobling people. A world without countries is a world without the United States of America, and it is a world governed by the morally imbecilic United Nations, where mass murderers sit on its "human rights" councils. A world without heaven or hell is a world without any ultimate justice, where torturers and their victims have identical fates -- oblivion. A world without possessions is a world in which some enormous state possesses everything, and the individual is reduced to the status of a serf.

Liberals [progressives] frequently criticize conservatives for fearing change. That is not correct. We fear transforming that which is already good. The moral record of humanity does not fill us with optimism about "fundamentally transforming" something as rare as America. Evil is normal. America is not.


A A Gruntpuddock said...

I think that he was saying that we should treat people as human beings, without trying to categorise them by what religion they followed. Was that such a bad thing?

richard mcenroe said...

Lennon's 'Imagine' is an anthem for cattle... who are always surprised when the wolves show up. There is an inexplicable movement afoot to adopt him as some kind of conservative convert. Why bother? He was a shit as a human being; let the lefties have him.

locomotivebreath1901 said...

"Imagine there's no violent psychopaths, it's easy if you try;

except when they go on a murderous rampage and assassinate you..."

This song "imagine" by Lennon is adolescent sophistry to champion nothing as a solution to everything.

But ain't it curious, when Mark Chapman, John Lennon's murderer was up for parole, Lennon's widow mounted a successful vociferous attack against that parole - demanding justice be served - almost like she expects some sort of moral imperative implemented by the country in which she lives?

"You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything...

salvage said...

>A world without religion means a world without any systematic way of ennobling people.


Oh yes, such nobility in believing in absolute nonsense.

How strange it is that for the last 1700 years Europe has been "ennobled" under Christianity yet has been awash with blood, mayhem and atrocities for all that time.

Why is that?

Midknight said...

Wow. I am amazed, yet again, at how those who tell us they are smarter and better turn out to be completely ignorant of human history, and can't seem to comprehend exactly how cheap life was before christianity, or just how much "better" organized atheism was at ennobling people (hint - it wasn't, unless you use the same 'ironic' metric of awash in blood and misery. in that case it was far, far better. In absolute tens of millions, and percentages of entire populations.)