Thursday, August 25, 2011


W. James Casper is pure hatred. His whole blogging world is all about sponsoring threats and seeking to destroy others. He's allied in yet another campaign of hate (top result is American Nihilist's satanic program of death and destruction). Freakin' commie asshat. Because RACIST = REPSAC = HATER has come to this, thinly veiled death threats, this post is for the record.

'I intended for American Nihilist to be a one off joke on the silly "nihilist" meme you created. I sent invites to all the "nihilsts" I could find, thinking we'd all just have a quick laugh at the expense of the silly little meme, & that'd be it... But some of 'em wanted to sign up, and once they did, and started writing--in character--it became something better than the one off joke I intended...'

Yeah, it became a repository of hate.

Scroll through W. James Casper's record of hate at the link.