Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Rebels May Have Turned Tide in Tripoli

I checked the headlines as I woke up to see if Gaddafi was gone, but not quite yet.

And at LAT, "Libya's gritty mountain rebels may have turned tide in Tripoli":

With attention focused on important cities and bigger battles to the east, Moammar Kadafi may have underestimated the tenacity of the uprising in the western mountains.

Plus, "Libyan rebels tighten grip on Tripoli as Kadafi stays in hiding."

And at Foreign Policy, "Obama: Rebel government in Libya must step up now," and WaPo, "World leaders call on Gaddafi to surrender."


Mr. Mcgranor said...

You can have your Islam with such communism.

ck said...

It's a victory for Obama/Iran/muslim brotherhood/al queda. They replaced a largely toothless clown with Iran/al queda/muslim brotherhood.