Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Socialist Agitation From the Hate-America Left

I read the Salon interview with Michael Kazin yesterday. How many times can progressives keep hitting their heads against the wall? Infinitely, it turns out. ASFLs

So, check the reaction from Linkmaster Smith, "Why Does Conservative Light Suck At Supporting Lefty Darkness?" And also at Lonely Conservative, "Lefties Upset that Americans Haven’t Embraced Their Economic Policies."

Lonely Con makes a point that's worth stressing: Progressives have not been unsuccessful, but they won't be happy until they've decimated the last remnants of American exceptionalism. That's how much they hate America.

PREVIOUSLY: "Nouriel Roubini Video: Karl Marx Was Right" (and the links therein). Those progs sure do keep smacking their heads!!