Monday, August 22, 2011

'I Think You Would Have to Be Racist to Even Think He Was Talking About Barack Obama'

If you've seen the Ed Schultz segment, just scroll forward to 1:20 minutes.

Via Hot Air.


Dennis said...

When Leftists or putative Liberals begin to see that it might be racist to make everything into racism one knows that the race card has been max'ed out. The "ist" card has finally been over spent and clearly has less and less affect.
It has come to the point that in almost every case the person who uses it is the one who is the Obama, not what he planned, actually made this possible because underlying a significant part of his following is the concept of race baiting/hustling.
The left should thank whatever it believes in that they did not pass a "Hate Speech" law for they would truly die on their own sword.