Saturday, August 20, 2011

BWAHAHA!! Paul Campos, Law Professor and Asshat Blogger at Lawyers, Guns and Money, Outed as 'ScamProf'

At left, freakin' asshat Law Professor and LGM blogger Paul Campos, a.k.a ScamProf.


See The Tax Prof, "Anonymous Law Prof Behind Law School Scam Blog Outs Himself: Paul Campos."

And here's this, from Brian Lieter, "Update on ScamProf":

ScamProf is the failed academic who has done almost no scholarly work in the last decade, teaches the same courses and seminars year in and year out, and spends his time trying to attract public attention, sometimes under his own name, this time anonymously. These are important facts about ScamProf, since he is indeed scamming his students and his state, and his initial posts were tantamount to a confession that he's not doing his job. His colleagues, in any case, now know who he is, and are quite understandably angry, since the reckless generalizations are naturally read as commentary on them. After we called him out Monday, ScamProf pulled back a bit, and switched gears and stopped projecting his own failures on to all his professional colleagues and started actually writing about the economics of legal education...
OMG, that is harsh! Couldn't have happened to more dickish guy. Shoot, those assholes at Lawyers, Guns and Money are busting the balls off the epic dick-meter scale! Keep it up guys! And stay classy, ROTFLMFAO!!

The Tax Prof has a little roundup, and check the comments at Althouse, "'Anonymous Law Prof Behind Law School Scam Blog Outs Himself: Paul Campos'."


Serr8d said...

He's definitely got an effeminate way of holding that cylinder of chalk, doesn't he?


Minicapt said...

Apparently Prof Leiter suffers a bit of jealousy?