Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New York 9th Congressional District Special Election Results

The Other McCain's got a live blog going: "NY-9: Turner Time?"

Also, David Weigel's calling it:
11:20: There's simply not enough of a Weprin margin in Queens to let him overcome the coming Turner landslide in Brooklyn. This is over, even if the AP waits a while to call it.

Bob Turner (R) defeats David Weprin (D)

9:30pm PST: Now at Los Angeles Times, "Republican Bob Turner wins special election in New York."

I got a note this morning from my good from Norman Gersman in New York. Listening to local talk radio today, Norm reported that it "was wall to wall Democratic advertisements viciously attacking the Republican candidate." And that obviously had little effect. And Norm noted, importantly:
In Queens, there is a small but truly active group of patriots who fully engage themselves in every election for Republican and Conservative candidates. They have boundless energy setting up phone banks, handing out literature, putting out signs, and just doing whatever has to be done to win an election. In Democratic Queens, they usually lose...but that has never, ever deterred them from working on the next campaign. A win tonight is due to them...a great group of patriots. All Americans should stand up and applaud what they have accomplished in the past few months. Their hard work will effect every 2012 campaign because it sends the message that no Democrat, not one, is safe. They all can and will be beaten. So when you read about this election, or view a piece about it on TV, you know who deserves the credit. Great job guys.
That's great to hear. Congratulations to our GOP friends out in New York. The Dems have held the 9th district continuously since 1923. It's going to be a desperate attempt by the Obama-Dems to spin this loss as insignificant for 2012. Just remember: Whatever the White House says, the truth will be the exact opposite.


dave in boca said...

My guess is that deaf, dumb and blind kid [or shall we say man-child?] in the Oval Office won't even acknowledge that he is swirling slowly downward in the porcelain bowl towards his true cloacal home---the sewer of community organizing and agitpreppie BS which spawned him in the first place!

The Griper said...

now only question remains; what kind of Republican will he turn out to be and only time will give us that answer.

Dennis said...

There is a bright spot here for Leftists and Democrats. They have one more reason to hate the Jew though it does seem that the Left doesn't really need another reason.
The comments in the NYTimes were great for their name calling and general anti-semitism and anti-Americanism.

Average American said...

I don't even care if he turns out to be a RINO. We can be sure he will be a whole lot better than the weiner he replaced!!!