Sunday, September 11, 2011

Progressives Shame the Country on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

I long ago lost any respect I had for Paul Krugman. I read Krugman's scholarly work back in the mid-1990s. He was a reasonable voice for American economic competitiveness, and his work was at the leading edge of strategic trade theory. But upon becoming a New York Times columnist he found his calling as a celebrity mouthpiece for the most inane progressive ramblings in American politics. Beclowning himself in that role would be putting it mildly. He probably should have just taken the day off from blogging today, but he couldn't resist fouling himself, wrapping himself in progressive toxicity. Linkmaster Smith has the essay screencapped, and can't bring himself to even comment on the depravity: "I really can’t comment on this in any family-friendly way." Plus, more from Dana Pico: "And Paul Krugman truly does define The Conscience of a Liberal," and Lonely Conservative: "Paul Krugman is Deranged." And check Althouse, who slams Krugman for his cowardice at closing his post to comments.

There's a Memeorandum thread. And checking the progressive entries we see the left's shame piling up like a heap of dung.

Here's idiot progressive Blue Texan, at Firedoglake, "Krugman is Right: We Should Be Ashamed of What Happened after 9/11."
Is anyone proud, 10 years later, that we’re still losing lives in Afghanistan?
Of course, you dolt. People are proud of the sacrifice and valor that's helped to make this country safer. Shame on you.

And Susie Madrak at Suburban Guerrilla can't take a moment to even honor the dead:
I’m not watching any of this “commemorative” crap today (thank God for cable!) and I’m certainly not writing about it today.
Shame on you, Susie. The attacks of 9/11 killed indiscriminately, killing those of all creeds and colors. At least have the decency to honor the dead.

At read the comment thread at Washington Monthly, where for the rare wayward commenter, you've got steady serving of hate-filled progressive gruel:
Krugman sums up my feelings exactly.

They once again came to the surface for me while I watched GDumbya read a letter from President Lincoln during the ceremony in NYC this morning.

Although 9/11 was a tragic autrocity [sic], the real tragedy is that we allowed an incompetent, out-of-control administration lead us down a rat-hole in the Middle East and consequently lose our national soul, our treasure, countless lives, our reputation, our integrity and our influence in the world.

I often wonder how different our present circumstance would be if the Supreme Court had not appointed Bush as president in 2001
(Recall Daniel Henninger nailed progressies on this, arguing that the left's desecration of goodness preceded 9/11, going back to the Florida recount and the GOP's victory in Bush v. Gore. See: "America's Broken Unity After 9/11.")

And then check Prairie Weather, "A growing consensus about post-9/11":
Maybe an important aspect of the great divide in America is the difference between those Americans who are able to feel shame and willing to make genuine apologies, and those who can't admit to shame and toss off self-justification as a cheap plastic substitute for remorse.
I'm confounded on the one hand and enraged on the other. What apologies are necessary here? I mean, seriously. Doesn't Prairie Weather sum up everything that conservatives have been combating here at home since the early days of the war on terror, such as the progressive war on Bush's domestic and foreign security policies? Since September 11th we've seen the left's long train of shame. Recall the radical left's rank political opportunism in opposing the Iraq war, demonically, of course, since the Democrat Party in Congress --- the party of defeat --- turned against our troops after authorizing their deployment, to excoriate the mission, and declare repeatedly that Iraq was lost and that we should turn tail in an ignominious cut-and-run. And we had years of Bush derangement syndrome, which then transmogrified into putrid Palin derangement syndrome, all combined into a program of partisan political destruction that's done nothing but weaken American security by successfully terminating programs such as wiretapping that were keeping Americans safe. A decade's shame of appeasement and partisan abomination is frothing to a head in the left's responses to the 10th anniversary of 9/11. For many people like myself, that's why they became conservative.


Dana said...

Thanks for the link, Dr D!

Dana said...

Thanks for the link, Dr D!

You quoted the Blue Texan, "Is anyone proud, 10 years later, that we’re still losing lives in Afghanistan?" I wish that the war in Afghanistan had already been won, but we're (too slowly) winning. The real opposite is the question: is the world better off with fifty million people having been liberated from Ba'athist and Taliban tyranny? And I'd answer not only yes, but Hell, yes!

And you quoted Susie Madrak, who wrote, "I’m not watching any of this “commemorative” crap today (thank God for cable!) and I’m certainly not writing about it today." Buit, of course, she did write about it, even if briefly, or you couldn't have quoted her! I'd forgive her not having honored the dead, if she had just said nothing.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Dana.

Madrak couldn't bring herself to say a kind word. That's what she meant by not writing about the day. Frankly, September 11th is now a de facto holiday, and progressives can't stand it because he affirm our basic traditions, which are inherently conservative.

Anonymous said...

The proof that Krugman is in many ways right is the complete lack of depth or intelligence in answering him. The only response seems to be generic outrage. Krugman neither demeaned the 9/11 dead or excused their killers. I notice you don't even begin to analyze the cost of 2 wars, one which was clearly fought on false pretenses, or the rise of the national security state or the conduct of the people Krugman called out. If we are truly a great nation we can stand an honest look back at the last 10 years and call a spade a spade, not hide behind works of hagiography.

RightKlik said...

Conservatives don't worked hard enough to shame and disgrace Journolistas like Krugman.

AmPowerBlog said...

Don't be an idiot, David:

'I notice you don't even begin to analyze the cost of 2 wars, one which was clearly fought on false pretenses, or the rise of the national security state or the conduct of the people Krugman called out.'

What "false pretenses" were those. I notice you don't address that the Democrats didn't see "false pretenses" when they voted to authorize the war. You and your progressive allies stabbed our troops in the back. We've not been attacked since September 11, thanks to GWB, and reluctantly, BHO, despite his campaign against every element of the "national security state" which you decry? And that same national security state took up 11 percent of GDP when Kennedy was in office. It's about 6 percent now, hardly the military industrial behemoth progressives hate so much.

Krugman's an America-bashing progressive too.. And so are you, obviously.

Losers, all of you.

richard mcenroe said...

Hey, David, the real mark of how Krugman knows he's right is in how the candyass wouldn't even take comments.

Wanna know how I know he was wrong?

Unknown said...

Paul Krugman has become just another Left Wing hack. He is the one who is trying to use 9/11 as a wedge issue the hypocrite.

Kenneth Davenport said...

I haven't thought about it in this way before, but I've certainly become more conservative in response to the painful nihilism that regularly comes from the left. I live in a different world than they do, and there really are no areas of common ground. That's the truth. They see America as a flawed nation which should apologize for itself at every turn and which deserved the attacks of 9/11. And I see America as the last best hope of earth, a place of unbounded fairness and generosity, forged in the belief that the individual -- and not government -- is sovereign. There is no reconciling these two different belief systems. So I don't try. Instead, I surround myself with good people who share my values and who give thanks every day that there are those who are willing to sacrifice everything for our survival as a nation.

SR said...

Donald...what a great post! I noticed that the "progressive hacks", the marxist-socoipaths are too retarded to think straight. Oh. Wait.

SR said...

I wonder if any of these hacks from the Left have ever read The List of 45...

AmPowerBlog said...

Great comments, Kenneth. Thanks.

AmPowerBlog said...

They're too retarded alright. Thanks Snooper.