Thursday, May 3, 2012

BWAHAHAHA!! The American Prospect On the Verge of a Glorious Financial Crash and Burn

And it couldn't happen to a more pathetic radical left-wing rag.

John Hawkins reports, "There Are No More Indispensable Political News or Opinion Sources."

RTWT at the link.

And here's the awful, awful announcement from the magazine, "A Critical Moment for The American Prospect":
Dear readers and friends of the Prospect,

Media stories have started to appear saying that The American Prospect is facing a major financial challenge and may be forced to fold. The stories are true. The next four weeks will determine whether the Prospect will be able to build on its 22-year legacy of influence or whether it must retrench or even close. Between now and May 31, the Prospect must raise $500,000 and have $700,000 of additional support pledged for the new fiscal year that starts in July. If we do not find those commitments, the Prospect as we’ve known it will cease. This is real. And the stakes are high.
Look, these should be fat times for the Democrat-Media-Complex, what, with all the Democrat hacks up in Washington running the show. You'd think the pickings would be better than ever. Except, well, there is that pesky little thing called the market. And no matter how many times leftists deny this is a center-right nation, the fact is the progressive product sells only with the requisite helpings of coercion and lies.