Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ethics Condemnation Follows Elizabeth Warren's 'Pow Wow Chow' Cookbook Revelations

This should be a huge story, but the left's corrupt Democrat-Media-Complex refuses to report factually and honestly.

See the report from Michael Patrick Leahy, at Big Government, "Will Harvard Law School Condemn Elizabeth Warren for Pow Wow Chow Plagiarism?"

Following the links takes us to Jack Marshall's essay, at Ethics Alarms, "The Significance of “Pow Wow Chow”."
Grandma Warren!
There is mostly bad ethics news for Elizabeth Warren fans from the re-discovery of the 1984 cookbook she contributed to called “Pow Wow Chow,” but some good news too. The good news is that the 28 year-old cook book, edited by her cousin and listing the current Harvard professor and Democratic Senate contender as a contributor named “Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee,” shows that Warren didn’t just concoct her claims of Cherokee heritage to achieve minority status to help her get faculty jobs through university diversity hiring policies. Oh, she intentionally employed her dubious heritage credentials to get that edge, no doubt about it. But the cookbook shows that though she was only 1/32 Native American by the most generous calculations and was assuming that lineage on the basis of hearsay alone, Elizabeth Warren really had convinced herself that she is a Cherokee, and probably believes it to this day. Hence her obsession with being able to call herself a Native American appears less opportunistic and more, well, nuts....

In fact, it looks like a severe case of Sixties Liberal Delusion Syndrome, also known as Billy Jack Disease. Warren talks and writes like a stereotype campus liberal, and like her Sixties campus forbears, she must have figured out in early adulthood that kinship with oppressed minorities is the antidote to white guilt and the ticket to a perpetual state of self-righteousness and victimization. If my diagnosis is correct,  Warren’s lockstep liberal mindset seized upon her family lore about American Indian heritage, and installed it as a cornerstone of her self-image as a foe of the capitalist, white-dominated American power structure. I am sorry I doubted her; I now think it is likely that she has long thought of herself as a true Cherokee. True, I think that is ridiculous; I think extending that attenuated minority identification into a resume enhancement, allowing her to displace more deserving candidates, is indefensible; and I think her obsession calls her judgement and stability into question. But at least she wasn’t lying. About that.
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It appears the Warren plagiarized her cookbook recipes. And in so doing she's in violation of Harvard's own institutional policies on academic honesty: "Elizabeth Warren Violated Harvard's Rules on Plagiarism."

By now though, Harvard University has become one of the most academically corrupt institutions in American higher education --- the case of Stephen Walt alone testifies to that. So with no expectation that Harvard will take any action against Warren --- a call for resignation is at least warranted --- it'll be up to the patriots in conservative new media to continue hammering away on this case, putting pressure on the old-media outlets to finally report fully and accurately on this story.

More at Breitbart.

IMAGE CREDIT: Sultan Knish, "All Things to All People."