Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jeremiah Wright and Democrat Double Standards

The big controversy today is over the now-reversed plan by the so-called Ricketts group to slam President Obama for his past incendiary relationship to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. The full blowout is at Memeorandum.

The hypocrisy of course is that Obama's 20-year relationship to the "God-damn America" pastor has been deemed off-limits by the Obama-enabling Democrat-Media-Complex, but any attacks on Mitt Romney's Mormon faith --- and especially the allegations of anti-black racism in the Mormon Church --- have been and will continue to be fair game for media coverage of the Romney campaign.

William Jacobson has the needed response to the left's demonic double-standards: "Do not think of the Jeremiah Wright in the room (Update – It worked, ads won’t run)."

And the far-left Greg Sargent at the Washington Post demonstrates just how badly upside down matters have become: "GOP struggles to banish ghost of Jeremiah Wright" (via Memeorandum). Sargent, and a host of others on Twitter, most conspicuously Donna Brazille, have immediately turned this into a case of Republicans using the "race card" against Obama. But obviously this isn't the GOP's ghost to banish. The president sat in the pews of Wright's black liberation church for 20 years and in 2008 John McCain caved to political correctness and refused to make those affiliations an issue. And while Mitt Romney did indeed mention Jeremiah Wright during the primaries, his campaign is blowing the messaging in response to the massive race-baiting attacks by the left.

The issue is not race. The issue is Barack Obama's long history of palling around with America-hating pastors, PLO terrorist-backing professors, Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers --- and so many more.

In each case, to the one, these controversies have been deemed beyond the pale by the Democrat-Media Complex. The Romney people are surely hip to the coordination between the press and the Obama campaign. It remains to be seen if they're ready to stand up the the relentless abuse and endless racist attacks that have only begun to be leveled their way. Everything should be on the table. Cries of racism are simply smokescreens to guarantee that virtually nothing will be.

Here're the videos, in any case. At top, Romney claims he doesn't remember what he said on Hannity's but he stands by it anyway, and below are the original comments.

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