Friday, May 11, 2012

The Left's Coordinated 'Bullying' Attack on Romney Exposed as 'Unconscionable' Journalism: Progressives Cheer 'Brilliant' Political Strategy of Axelrod and Plouffe

I'm going to agree with this report at ABC News, "Bullying Story Sidetracks Romney's Campaign."

By now it hardly matters that the story has not only been debunked, but the Washington Post has edited its report without publishing a correction. See Ben Shapiro, "Washington Post Romney Hit Piece Implodes":
Today’s unconscionable Washington Post story, which implied without evidence that Mitt Romney was a homophobic bully to one John Lauber back in his high school days five decades ago, has totally imploded.
And Robert Stacy McCain is on the case. See, "No ‘BullyGate’ Pulitzer for WaPo? UPDATE: Using a Second-Hand Source for a Dead Man’s Words? WTF?", and "‘BullyGate’: What Did Jason Horowitz Know, and When Did He Know It?"

And get this, from left-wing extremist Angry Black Lady at Raw Story, "Obama vs. Romney: How the Game is Played":

As I’m reading and pondering this, I’m marveling at the political strategery of Davids Axelrod and Plouffe. Think about it:

On Sunday, Vice-President Biden comes out in favor of same sex marriage.

On Wednesday, President Obama comes out in favor of same-sex marriage, leaving some to speculate that he was backed into a corner, or that he should have done it sooner, or later, or whatever it is that people complain about when they simply can’t shake the need to be outraged about something, like, all of the time. (asiangrrlMN already covered this, but long story short, Obama’s record on LGBT rights is second to none; and he announced his support for the Respect Marriage Act last year, legislation which would repeal DOMA, so can we all calm down for a minute, please?)

Then today — Thursday, a front-page article drops in The Washington Post about how Romney was a big ol’ gay-hating gay-basher.

Are you kidding me?! It’s brilliant!

Back when President Obama was a young man, trying to figure out who he was and writing pensive letters to his girlfriend about T.S. Eliot and other philosophical shit, Romney was picking on and assaulting gay people.

Face? Meet brick.

And here’s the kicker — here’s the dark chocolate inside this croissant d’awesome: Romney’s behavior most assuredly would have constituted a hate crime under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act which President Obama signed in 2009, if such a law had existed at the time and had Romney been prosecuted under that law. (The Hate Crimes Prevention Act expanded the existing hate crime law to include crimes motivated by gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability, and is the first federal law to extend protections to transgendered persons.)

You cannot convince me that this was not planned. At the very least, the Obama campaign knew the article was going to drop and decided to announce sooner rather than later that President Obama supports same-sex marriage (he had already planned to announce it at some point before the convention.)

This is how it’s done, folks.

Mr. Romney, sir? I do believe you have been served.
Don't you love it?

We're on the same page on the media's utter corruption.

I tweeted Angry Black Lady with the link to Shapiro's report, asking her for a retraction. Her response was to denounce Andrew Breitbart and block me on Twitter, typical for progressives called out for their dishonest hackery.

Progressives on Twitter are all abuzz on this story, cheering Angry Black Lady's ignorance and denial.

Lots more on this at Memeorandum.

This isn't going away. The Washington Post really stepped in it on this one and like the left's attacks on Ann Romney, the effects will further damage media credibility as this campaign winds along.

UPDATE: Linked at Blazing Cat Fur: "Romney is so Gay!" Thanks!

And here's more from The Other McCain: "Hard Times in WaPoVille: ‘BullyGate’ Timing Questioned on ‘Morning Joe’."