Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Texas Fred's Bigotry

I had a run with Texas ("Tex-ass") Fred in 2006. He's a Lone-Star redneck blogger, whose my-way-or-the-highway style of blogging has earned him a reputation as a genuine sleazebag.

It turns out that one of my blog buddies, Stogie at
Saberpoint, has called out Texas Fred for his bigotry, and I'm happy to share this here to double the viral exposure: "Texas Fred: The Bigot Connection":

Yesterday I posted an email exchange with Texas Fred of "Reject the U.N." Fred treated me to an extreme racist rant on how he hates "gooks" (bigot-speak for Asians).

It seems ol' Texas Fred has a lot of these blog roller lists. Besides "Reject the U.N." there is "Come and Take It," "Children of the Confederacy," "The American Conservative" and "Naked Bloggers." His personal website is "Texas Fred's." You can google them all, if you are so inclined.

Fred likes to pose as a great crusader for morality, particularly against pedophilia. We can all agree that pedophiles are scum; but what about bigots, Fred? Will you be starting a a new blog roll soon, perhaps "Bigots Hating Hatchet-Faced Gook Bitches"?

Strangely enough, "gook"-hating Fred appeared on Fox News back in August 2007, where he was interviewed as to his anti-pedophile activities. I wonder if Fox knows about his "gook"-hating activities? Hmm, guess I'll have to tell them.

No doubt most of the sites on Fred's blogrolls are not aware of his virulent racism; Fred doesn't generally advertise it. If you know who the site owners are on the list below, you may want to warn them away from any affiliation with Texas Fred.

Check Stogie's page for some pictures of Texas Fred, although here's one of the Ten Gallon Bigot:

Texas (Tex-ass) Fred

Stogie's debate with Texas Fred is timely, as it turns out one of my readers just had her own run-in the rotund "Reject the U.N." blogger. In communications with my friend, I found this post at Texas Fred's main page: "Illegal Immigrants Leaving Arizona":

Every single state in the nation needs to pass this law [Arizona's illegal immigration crackdown], we must make it so tough on employers that the illegals are faced with 2 choices, get legal, which is what they should do in the 1st place, or leave the USA, how simple can it be??

And here’s another little gem for all of you, I preached and howled at this same time last year and no one in a position of authority listened, and I doubt they will this year either, but every wetback in the USA tries to go back to Mexico or wherever for Christmas, they want to spend the holidays with their families, and I think that’s a really nice sentiment too, admirable even, well, there’s something WE need to do at this time of year too…

Close the damned border and shoot any SOB trying to sneak back in…

I am guessing that at least half of the 18 million or so WETBACKS in this nation would be denied admission to the USA if we’d act, but the time to act is NOW, put the National Guard on the border, with full combat capabilities and tell em, ANYTHING coming over that border is an ILLEGAL invader, KILL IT!!

Piece of cake, we have dead wetbacks all over the place, now that’s what I call ‘Happy Holidays’!!

If I am to be called ‘racist’, if I am to wear the name, if it makes me a racist to stand up and defend MY nation and to call an illegal invader a wetback, to call them by the only name that truly describes them for what they are, WETBACKS, then you’re damn right, I AM a racist, and I’ll wear the title proudly...

I post on this in the interest of "calling 'em as I see 'em."

As readers know, I routinely attack the racism and anti-Semitism (and anti-McCain sizism, for that matter) on the extreme left-wing of the Democratic Party's netroots, and I'll continue to do so.

But no commenter here at American Power (and I get lots of neo-confederate freaks) should ever allege a double-standard. I'll call out right-wing extremists when it's time, and folks like Texas Fred are a disgrace to this great nation.

There's no place for views like these in 21st-century America.

That Texas Fred can wear his racism like a badge of honor shines poorly on his fellow Texans, the great majority I know would never advocate or tolerate SHOOT TO KILL POLICIES AGAINST ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSERS. Such views are reprehensible, and should be fully repudiated.

Who need this baloney?

First Amendment protections don't extend to express advocacy of vigilante murder, so perhaps if my post, and Stogie's, can get some viral attention, the state of Texas might shut-down Texas ("Tex-ass") Fred once and for all.

See also, "
Texas Fred Shoots Himself In The Foot."


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