Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Depths of McCain-Palin Derangement

Readers will recall yesterday's post, "Leftists Attack GOP as "Ugly Americans." I suggested that left-wing partisans will sink to the gates of hell in attacking John McCain and Sarah Palin, a fact demonstrated by the left's reaction to the realization that the Alaskan Governor is the new feminist terminator.

The truth, of course, is that the ugliest Americans are those now smearing the McCain-Palin ticket.

It turns out,
as Chas Martin chronicles, not surprisingly, that there are close to 50 rumors flying around the fever swamps of the leftosphere, viciously attacking Sarah Palin, with allegations from the debunked Bristol baby cover-up to vile the suggestions of book-burning fundamentalism. The list continues to grow, naturally, with the slurs and smears distributed by some of the biggest blogs on the left (with the mainstream media in tow).

So it should be no surprise to soon see photos like the one below at
Andrew Sullivan's or at Daily Kos. That's right: Sullivan and Markos are not much better than the low-life scum who created a blog dedicated to exploiting Trig Palin: "I Miss My Mommy."

Leftist Hatred

I've written a lot on left wing demonology, and the standard response is that conservatives are just as bad: "Go check out the comments at Red State or Little Green Footballs," is a common refrain.

Well don't believe it. Since the announcement of Sarah Palin as GOP vice-presidential running mate we've witnessed a literally non-stop effort of smear and demonization against Palin, an effort so angry and all-encompassing that the Clarence Thomas hearings look like a stroll at the county fair in retrospect.

Here's a sample "I Miss My Mommy" post, "
Cain Make Vipe Resident":
I am so happy, Grampa 'Cain make Mommy Vipe Resident. Stopid Osbama so stupid. They say Mommy not vetted. What? Mommy no animal doctor. What, are they 'tarded?
The hat tip for the "I Miss My Mommy" pick up goes to Vince and Loon, who note:

Daily Kos and Democratic Underground have reached a new low. Their latest proud accomplishment is I Miss My Mommy, a website devoted to ridiculing Sarah Palin's son Trig for having Down syndrome.
Yep, this deed seems to be scraping the bottom, but the depths of the left-wing fever swamps are so far infinite, so just keep checking back at Sullivan's, Kos, and their well-represented allies, and we'll see something even more evil in no time.

Oh, and don't miss, Jeffrey Bell, "
Why They Hate Her: Sarah Palin is a Smart Missile Aimed at the Heart of the Left."