Sunday, October 25, 2009

Afghan Insurgency More Dangerous Than Ever: Obama Leaves McChrystal Hanging

Is Newshoggers cheering American deaths again? It's always the U.S. they decry, not stuff like this below:


See also, "Afghan Insurgency Given New Life by Their Enemies":

Afghans do want governance – they want good governance. But they have been ripped off every time it's been within their grasp. And the worst rip-off has been in the last eight years, because democracy and good governance were the gifts offered by the West – by governments that supposedly knew about these things.
You have to want freedom and good government, and so far a lot of blood and treasure been expended on the promise of the first amid a shortage of the second.

And since President Barack Obama doesn't not care about the mission - and since he has anti-Americans defeatists like Jodie Evans at his side - it's no wonder idiots like the
Newshoggers can spew their fecal matter with considerable hopes of having the desired effect.

And frankly, combined, this is why
my good friend Pamela says forget it - let's bring the troops home.



Grizzly Mama said...

I would rather that they are brought home than left hanging there without the support that they need. I think it is a HUGE mistake to cut and run with Afghanistan, though. Huge mistake.