Monday, October 19, 2009

Can't You Smell That Smell...

During this morning's drive time, 100.3 The Sound was playing classics from 1977. It's funny, but I just noted last weekend how listening to this station is flooding my mind with memories. I was in 10th grade in 1977. Lynyrd Skynyrd was big, and "That Smell" was always a favorite - although I can attest that a lot of folks didn't take the message to heart (harmful behaviors didn't change):

My good friend Tony at PA Pundits International is also a music aficionado. Tony's got a Sunday night music club going, and this week's entry is Bonnie Raitt's, "I Can’t Make You Love Me."

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PA Pundits International for some great conservative blogging altogether, and, as always, get your fill of hot babes over at Theo Spark's.


The Griper said...

ahhh good idea of Tony's. Sunday, the day of rest and music would indeed be a rest from politics.

EDGE said...


Dave said...

I was in 7th grade when the news came. I was doing my homework (no joke) at our dining room table when it was announced on the radio.

God bless Ronnie, Cassie and Steve.

Skynyrd was it in this part of the world at that time.

I'll never forget "Play it pretty for Atlanta" as long as I live.

What could have been...