Friday, October 30, 2009

BUSTED! - New York Times Doctors Piece on Obama Dover Photo Op: More White House/Obamedia Collusion?

Ed Morrissey's got the scoop, "Did White House Pressure NYT Into Changing Dover Story?":

Originally, the New York Times reported on President Barack Obama’s visit to Dover AFB and the arrival of fallen serviceman by explaining that the White House wanted Obama to be seen as concerned and aware of the sacrifices made in America’s war policies:

A small contingent of reporters and photographers accompanied Mr. Obama to Dover, where he arrived at 12:34 a.m. aboard Marine One. He returned to the South Lawn of the White House at 4:45 a.m.
The images and the sentiment of the president’s five-hour trip to Delaware were intended by the White House to convey to the nation that Mr. Obama was not making his Afghanistan decision lightly or in haste.

Following that link now, the second paragraph quoted is nowhere to be seen. The Jeff Zeleny report contains no editorial announcement of changes after its publication, and no indication of any retraction. Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette and Nice Deb both noticed the change, however, and Greyhawk also noticed that the NYT didn’t quite redact that paragraph from everywhere on its servers. The story now reads like this:

The trip was a symbolic one for Mr. Obama, given the gravity of his coming announcement of a new strategy for Afghanistan.

The image of the commander in chief standing on a darkened tarmac, offering a salute to one of the soldiers, highlighted the poignancy of a decision he is facing.

More at the link.

You can see Ed's search at the Times' website, which shows the original language.

Remember, it's not like the Old Grey Lady's in the tank or anything. See Big Governmnet on Obama's ACORN, "
The Media’s Complicity: Analysis of ACORN Coverage."

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SR said...

NY SLIMES. Obamedia. Idiots.

Rusty Walker said...

Seeing Obama saluting and marching in step with military ranks, smacked of overt opportunism, dishonest, and disingenuous. I know this will sound harsh, but I believe it is true, that this was a pathetic display of Obama photo op - a chance at anti-war propaganda. The solemn public display of dead Americans on TV, plays to the anti-war Hollywood-style Liberal propaganda, of which our Commander in Chief is the new media star (Woodrow Wilson was another, and he facilitated Hitler).

An American flag draped over a coffin in the presence of Bush Sr., Bush Jr., or McCain would have the proper gravitas. All three were respectful to the United States military and served our country.

A draped coffin in the Obama’s presence merely accentuates how our Americans die when we fight. Why? Because Obama is the man-of-perpetual-promise, hope and expectations never realized. A Nobel Award winner with nothing to his credit, bestowed by five Norwegian leftists who believe in a world where the U.S. is not dominant, but where we give away our power to be popular. The message: Let’s ignore the inconvenient war on terror; live in Obamaland-Utopia: a place where the horrors of Republican-wars will fade away. Old enemies of the Right, like Ahmadinejad will now be our friends. But at what price? We will lose ALL of our freedoms left to his devices.