Friday, October 30, 2009

The Real Significance of Hoffman in NY-23

From Marc Ambinder, "What the NY-23 Special Election Is Really About":

In the span of a few short weeks, the special election in New York's 23rd congressional District has become the one result that the savviest church members are polishing off our sharpest metaphors for.

But what would a victory by the Democrat, Bill Owens, or the Conservative, Doug Hoffmann, actually mean? And is it possible that the political community will over-interpret the consequences? Most certainly. We're all lit-crits now; on Wednesday morning, the real lesson will be decided by whose explanation triumphs in a contested arena: Republicans versus Conservatives, Governing Conservatives versus Theoretical Conservatives, Palin-Beck Crazies versus Sane Modernists.

Actually, at the post, Ambinder gets sidetracked with local political minutia. Not to say that stuff's unimportant, but frankly Doug Hoffman in NY-23 is symbolic of the monumental success of grassroots conservativism this year. See, Dan Riehl, "NY - 23: Conservatives Should Declare Victory." (More at Memeorandum.)

Image Credit:
Right Klik (and see, "Hoffmania: What Does it Mean?").


RightKlik said...

Thank you for the link. The power of the Tea Party movement can no longer be ignored.

AmPowerBlog said...

You're welcome Right Klik!