Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Car Bomb Kills Dozens in Pakistan: Hillary Clinton to Islamabad, 'No Biggie, Our Relationship Goes Beyond Medieval Slaughter of Innocents'

From London's Guardian, "Bomb Kills Dozens in Pakistan as Hillary Clinton Arrives":

The deadliest Taliban bombing in two years ripped through a women's market in the Pakistani city of Peshawar today, killing almost 90 people.

The attack happened as the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, began a three-day visit to Pakistan.

The blast ripped through cosmetics stalls and clothes shops in Peshawar's old city, filling the narrow streets with burning debris and trapping dozens of victims under wreckage and charred roof beams. A two-storey building collapsed as firefighters doused it with water.

Television footage showed wounded people sitting amid debris as others attempted to rescue survivors and get them to hospital.

A spokesman for the Lady Reading hospital said it had received the bodies of 87 victims, many of them women and children. Provincial officials said over 200 people were injured ....

Clinton said the US was turning a "new page" in the decades-old relationship to include more than just security-related issues.

"Our relationship goes far beyond security... the terrorists can destroy but they cannot build. That is where we have an advantage," she said, pledging funds to rebuild the dilapidated electricity infrastructure that has led to large-scale power rationing in recent years.

The US has for years pressed Pakistan to hunt al-Qaida militants hiding in its tribal belt.

Earlier, Clinton admitted relations between the two countries had developed a lot of "scar tissue" and said: "We also recognise that it's imperative that we broaden our engagement with Pakistan."
Great. Blame the U.S. for a "deterioration" in relations. That'll send a message to the barbarians!

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Car Bomb Kills More Than 80, Wounds 200 in Pakistan":

Video Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit, "
Massive Car Bomb Kills 80 In Peshawar, Pakistan."


Anonymous said...

pakis are hopeless terrorist beggars!


Stephanie M said...

You have to wonder if this is going to cause strains on the diplomacy talks in Pakistan this week. Clinton said she wanted to "change the nature of the relationship" away from just focusing on terrorism, but how can that happen when something like this occurs?