Thursday, October 22, 2009

Peter Dreier, Hardline Activist and Radical Professor, Decries Conservatives' 'War on ACORN'

Peter Dreier, a radical professor of public policy at Occidental College, offers a pathetic defense of ACORN at this morning's Los Angeles Times, "The War on ACORN."

Dreier's essay is comedy gold in its weasely dismissal of ACORN'S long history of corruption. Brushing off recent evidence of voter fraud, facilitation of tax evasion, and subornation of criminal prostitution, Dreier writes:

The attack on ACORN is not really about bogus names on voter forms or about staffers encouraging people to lie on their tax forms. Rather, it is part of a broader conservative effort to attack progressive organizations and discredit President Obama and his liberal agenda.
You think?


ACORN is a socialist filth outfit of lying community shakedown artists. Big Government's done the nation a massive favor in not only outing ACORN, but in totally discrediting the Obama-Media Complex that's working in tandem with radical socialist factions to destroy America.

You have to read
Dreier's essay to believe the depths of this man's postmodern denial.

At one point he claims, "Did ACORN engage in election fraud? Absolutely not." Such categorical dismissal of ACORN's blatant and criminal pattern of fraud is at least intellectually dishonest, if not morally bankrupt, since there's a preponderance of evidence of ACORN voter fraud (see, for starters, John Fund, "
A Victory Against Voter Fraud").

But check out Dreier on the Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe ACORN sting:

And what about the prostitute-and-pimp video? It also isn't quite what Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly would have you believe. Two "gotcha" right-wing activists showed up at about 10 ACORN offices hoping to entice low-level staff to provide tax advice for an illegal prostitution ring. In most ACORN offices, the staff kicked the pair out. In a few cities, staffers called the police. In two offices, however, the staff listened and offered to help. That was wrong. But ACORN immediately fired the errant staffers.
Unbelievable, really.

Just yesterday we saw Big Government's release of the Philly video that once again catches the lying ACORN corruption machine red-handed. See, "
ACORN Video: Prostitution Scandal in Philadelphia, PA Part I." Plus, see also, "The Media’s Complicity: Analysis of ACORN Coverage."

Professor Dreier is a huge backer of President Obama, and thus he has a natural incentive to try to repudiate the evidence of ACORN's criminal activities and radical socialist programs.

Unfortunately for him, the good professor's own reputation is going down with the criminal outfit he's hopelessly attempting to save.

See also, "
Reds, Radicals, Terrorists and Traitors -- Progressives For Obama."