Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Obama Donors Get Clinton-Era Perks: White House 'Transparency' Spin Begins

Dana Loesch has the background, "Democrat Donors Awarded with White House Perks."

But here comes the White House cover up, from Fox News, "
White House Fires Back at Report Claiming It Gave Special Access to Donors":

The White House on Wednesday fired back at a report claiming President Obama gave special access top Democratic donors, claiming it has "instituted the toughest ethics and transparency rules of any administration in history."

While the administration acknowledged that it allowed the Democratic Party to distribute tickets to White House events among supporters and contributors, it downplayed a Washington Times report that said Obama had "rewarded" donors with "VIP access."

Fundraisers who pledged to individually donate $30,400 or to bundle $300,000 in contributions toward the 2010 congressional elections were promised access to senior White House staff, according to The Washington Times.

That access also covered VIP privileges ranging from a birthday visit to the Oval Office to use of the White House bowling alley to a golf outing with the president in Martha's Vineyard.

"We're the first administration in history that will soon provide a list of each and every person that visits the White House -- something that's never been done before," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters during his daily briefing.

"The Democratic National Committee does not accept contributions from registered federal lobbyists or political action committees and hasn't done so since President Obama became the party's nominee last year. I think as the statement that we issued said, a contributor -- contributing doesn't guarantee a visit to the White House, nor does it preclude it," he said.

Mocking a question about whether the White House has engaged in quid pro quo, Gibbs quipped about his son, "I can report to you that Ethan Gibbs, with the bumpers down, bowled a couple of games while eating chicken fingers.
Actually, this just continues a long pattern of deception and cover-ups. See my report from last year, "Obama’s Fundraising Fraud."

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White House Rebuts Allegation That Big Donors Get Special Perks" (via Memeorandum).

Image Credit: Voting Female Speaks, "
Barack Obama, a Kamikazi Communist; All In, Win Lose or Draw."


JBW said...

Pissing on the president of the United States. Classy as ever, Don.

Dennis said...


Great take on Larry David. Oh that JBW would care as much about someone pissing on Jesus. Makes one wonder.

JBW said...

Posting a picture of someone pissing on the president lacks class no matter who's holding that office. And contrary to what geniuses like Dennis who don't know shit about me might think I'm a big fan of Jesus, I just don't think He had magical superpowers.

Now if we're talking about pissing on Bill Donahue or Pat Robertson on the other hand...

Dennis said...

At least JBW stays true to his hypocrisy. Oh how worried I am that a someone like JBW doesn't feel I don't know shit "about me might think about Jesus". The vocabulary exhibited by JBW is just something to behold. Harvard graduate no doubt.
What's next JBW, another hissy fit of name calling.
Though I do have to thank you for recognizing my genius.

JBW said...

I recognize your genius every time I have to wade through your "English as a second language" grammar, Dennis. And if you could site any actual examples of my so called hypocrisy or name calling I'd be more apt to take seriously what you write here, guy.