Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is What They Do: Chester County Democrats Smear Conservative School Board Candidate - UPDATE! Sean Carpenter is Upbeat!

UPDATE! I've just heard from Skye at Midnight Blue. Her report:
I've just spoken with Sean Carpenter and he is upbeat about his chances of winning a seat on the school board. He said he's receiving nothing but positive feedback from everyone he talks to and that Karen Porter's smear campaign is pissing people off.

Thanks for posting on this subject.


My good friend Skye at Midnight Blue reports on the vicious smear campaign Chester County Democrats are waging against Republican school board candidate Sean Carpenter. See, "The Definitive Post on Hypocrisy."

Below is the Democratic video that libels
Carpenter, a conservative and pro-victory activist, as an extremist::

This is the blurb at the YouTube page:

The definitive video about Sean Carpenter and the Sheepdogs, a pro-war, pro-torture, far right wing group. In their own words, their own actions, and their own vile behavior they expose their real values and true nature to the West Chester, Pa community and the entire world.
Skye responds:

Despite a recent exposure of a vicious backdoor smear campaign, in which Democrat committeemen and a representative of the Democrat WCASB candidates conspired to subvert campaign finance rules for a negative literature drop on the Republican candidates; they still press on with a negative campaign. You can view their latest attempt HERE. The video was crafted by John Grant, an avowed socialist and chavez groupie. The candidate highlighted in the video is Sean Carpenter, a well respected member of the West Chester community and devoted dad.
Plus, Skye's got video, "Peaceful hypocrites on display in West Chester":


Skye said...

THANK YOU for posting on this vicious back door smear campaign being waged by the Chester County democrats and their school board candidates.

The Chester County peace Movement is a radical left wing hate group that is active in West Chester politics. Many Democrat committee people are active members of this hate group. It seems like attracts like...

I have one other video for your perusal. It is a collection of video clips of the CCPM and statements made by the director, Karen Porter. I've tracked their interactions with the Pro American group called The American Sheepdogs for the past two years. What you will find will shock you and the video is definitely NOT work safe.

Anonymous said...

textex99And I thought the Chester County Peace Movement was all about peace! And all of a sudden, CCPM leader Karen Porter comes out of the closet as a Socialist, and as a close supporter of the Chester County Democratic Party, which is funding smears against Sean Carpenter and the other WCASB candidates who len conservative. Seems like the Socialists do not want Sean to mess up their plans to take over the school board, with their blessing from the Socialist and lying Chesco Democratic Committee.