Friday, October 30, 2009

MSNBC Airs Full-Frontal Breast Exam Clip: Added Bonus, Dr. Nancy Snyderman is Top ObamaCare Shill

Via Hot Air, "The 'Courageous' Breast Self-Examination News Spot Debate." Of course, it's with Dr. Nancy Sniderman, one of MSNBC's biggest ObamaCare shills:

In September, Dr. Snyderman predicted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's public option name change this week (Dems are calling for a "competitive option"):


Snyderman was chatting with White House advisor Melody Barnes, who didn't seem to take the possible defeat as hard as did her host . . .
NANCY SNYDERMAN: Melody, it was all going so well. It was all on track. The president went to Europe and--honest to God--I could feel sitting in this chair, that the energy sucked, just sort of went out of the whole thing. And then, frankly, the rumors, the innuendoes, the half-truths, the mistruths, the frank lies, have they all hijacked the conversation? So if it's stability and reassuring the American public, how do you address those sort of hot-button issues that frankly I think need to be reframed? How do you take something like the public option and give it a new name?
More Democratic values for you.

Also, from Town Hall, "
MSNBC Airs Uncensored Breast Self-Exam." (Via Memeorandum.)


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