Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Democratic Values: Carol Shea-Porter Extols Alan Grayson's 'Moral Compass'

Representative Carol Shea-Porter illustrates once more the total bankruptcy of today's Democratic Party. From Big Gov't, "Rep. Shea-Porter: I Love Alan Grayson and His Moral Compass Is Wonderful to Behold":

“I love both of these men and I will tell you that they are both driven by a moral compass that is just wonderful to behold,” said Shea-Porter while appearing with Rep. Grayson on a panel at the Netroots Nation summit in August. “And we share almost all the same kinds of goals and values and Alan and I do as well.”

Also, from Kim Priestap, "Democrat Alan Grayson Calls Federal Reserve Senior Advisor a 'K Street Whore'":

What a pig. I mean, really, does he kiss his mother with that mouth? That he refers to anyone in such a disgusting manner is unbecoming language from a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Where does Nancy Pelosi stand on Grayson's calling a female Federal Reserve senior advisor a whore? More importantly, where do his constituents stand?
Actually, Speaker Pelosi blew off Grayson's "die quickly" smears from the House floor, so no doubt she'll be standing up for him again. See, "Pelosi Plays Down Grayson Remark."

Plus, Grayson's not apologizing, "Alan Grayson Stands by "K Street Whore" Comment" (via Memeorandum).


Dennis said...

I actually like guys like this because the more they become the face of the democratic party and leftists the more people they will alienate. Grayson is far too stupid to recognize the damage he is doing and will be a one term Congressman.
I would tie him to every democrat running for office next year even if it is because they said nothing. He is a real bonanza for conservatives. If I lived in California I would hang Grayson around Pelosi's neck. She would go nowhere without seeing a picture of her and Grayson smiling like two peas in a pod.