Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Caught on Tape! Media Matters Totally PWNED - Truth Deficit for ACORN's Katherine Conway Russell!

Once again, the crew at Big Government has totally pwned ACORN and their despicable media enablers. See," **BREAKING** ACORN Video: Prostitution Scandal in Philadelphia, PA Part I."

But what's especially indescribably delicious is Big G's decimation of Media Matters', "Philadelphia ACORN Office Says it Called Police After O'Keefe Asked Suspicious Questions." That post features this video of pathetic liar Katherine Conway Russell, of ACORN's Philadelphia office:

Added Bonus: David Weigel widens his credibility gap even further. See Weigel's "Breitbart, ACORN Foes Release Strange Video of Philadelphia Sting." Actually, the only thing "strange" here is Weigel's pathetic defense of the criminal ACORN enterprise.

More at Memeorandum.

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Added: Doug Ross, "ACORN and Media Matters Ensnared in Breitbart's Roach Motel."


dave in boca said...

Tonite on Hannity, Michele Malkin outed the NYT for burying an ACORN story in October, 2008, written by Stephanie Strom [?] concerning ACORN's totally opaque fund-raising, spending, and transfer of funds from non-compaign to campaign-legal accounts.

Malkin's book is on my to-buy list. Right now trudging through Stalin's Great Terror and finding a lot of Alinsky's ideas [Hillary Clinton did her senior thesis at Wellesley on Alinsky---like Obama's thesis on US/Soviet disarmament, Hilarious's thesis was conveniently "lost."

ACORN has all the prerequisites to qualify as a RICO crime scheme, sort of Bernie Madoff on political steroids!

Too bad the Angels look like they're an apple or two short of a picnic! Now I'm rooting for the Phillies.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Dave! Malkin's Culture of Corruption is great!

David Weigel said...

I'm not defending ACORN. The burden of proof is on them to let O'Keefe use the audio so we can see what the ACORN staffer said. But I don't know how you'd characterize a press conference wherein a journalist, who won't take questions, narrates the muted part of a video.