Friday, October 30, 2009

Michele Bachmann on Hannity: House PelosiCare is 'Crown Jewel of Socialism'

I tweeted this at 6:00pm:
'Crown jewel of socialism' - Michele Bachmann on Hannity now describing the Obam'ntion of PelosiCare in Congress. 'Only one week to stop it'
Now Gateway Pundit's got the video, "Michelle Bachman on Pelosi Health Care Bill: 'This Is the Crown Jewel of Socialism'":


Rep. Michelle Bachman is calling all Americans to join her on the steps of the Capital Building in Washington DC on Thursday November 5th to stop “the Crown Jewel of Socialism” – the democrat’s bill to take over the US health care industry.
See also, Power Line, "Do They Need the Public Option?" (via Memeorandum).


Rusty Walker said...

To get the Health Care Bill down below $900,000 BILLLION dollars, the Democrats took out the 21% dock to doctor’s pay. Sound good? Well, they just introduced it back into legislation in a different bill. So, they accomplished the slight of hand upon which politicians thrive. This is why I hate politics; Democrats, Republican, Libertarians, it matters not, the government in charge needs to be watched closely. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe fresh from a Revolution remember what we today forget: The more government in your life, the more your choices are decided for you. The "Public Option " will end up as the only option.

AmPowerBlog said...

I'll be glad when they're out, Rusty!

Anonymous said...

i really couldn't care about it, 50 million americans need health care and the only ones concerned are the democrats. it seems the republicans can only cry 'socialism' and offer nothing more. regardless of the fact the majority of these republican turds will be taking social security, medicare or medicaid in the future (all 'socialist programs'). still, watching these ignorant republicans spewing hypocritical nonsense is amusing, it shows who how poor their perception of reality really is. this is why they got tossed out in the first place.LMAO!

gabylee said...

I absolutely think that it is all down hill from now on if this bill gets passed. I don't have medical insurance, but you know what, under their conditions, I DONT WANT IT!