Sunday, August 8, 2010

Activists Rally to Free WikiLeaks Traitor Bradley Manning

Not just any activists, of course. We've got an ANSWER/Code Pink two-fer. For a long time I didn't think they cooperated. Jodi Evans stayed across the street at last October's Afghanistan protest on Wilshire. I didn't ask why, but perhaps she thought even ANSWER was a bit too much. But since Code Pink is known to raise "humanitarian" assistance for terrorists, I guess those distinctions don't matter. Uncle Jimbo was there, so get the inside scoop from the front lines. Obviously, Bradley Manning deserves Jack. All of this by now has blown the lid off of WikiLeaks' "journalism" cover. Maybe one of these days some folks in what used to be known as the objective press might actually side with the good guys on this stuff:


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Anonymous said...

The traitors at the NYT, and our enemies at the Guardian and the Spiegel should be arrested and executed along with Manning. Or we could just bomb their information operations headquarters to hell. There won't be much collateral damage, since they're all just enemy combatants posing as journalists.

Dave said...

Manning should be made an example of - one so hideous that it would cause future potential traitors to wince at the very thought of betraying this country.