Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heads Explode on Memeorandum

Via William Jacobson:


God, it's like a treasure-trove of leftist piranhas going after their own. I love Jane Hamsher's post, "Tribalism is the Last Refuge of Political Scoundrels, Including Robert Gibbs."
Spiro Agnew — sorry, Robert Gibbs — says “the professional left is not representative of the progressives who organized, campaigned, raised money and ultimately voted for Obama.” Well, the Obama in the White House is not representative of the Obama who organized, campaigned, raised money and ran for office, so I guess it’s a wash.
Read the whole thing. I don't think Jane will admit she campaigned (shilled) for a liar, a loser, a hypocrite, and a likely one-termer.

And at Daily Kos, our other commie blog bellwhether (and this is from Comrade Markos himself), "
If the White House thinks their problems are reserved among a handful of progressive critics, then I'm afraid, because it tells me they're really out of touch with the undercurrent of discontent faced by Democrats this year.
And from my favorite overrated left-wing analyst (now going to the overrated unofficial newspaper of record) Nate Silver, "As Liberals Lose Hope, the White House is Losing Its Cool":
One problem that Obama is having -- and not just on the left, although it might be most acute there -- is the dissonance between the grand, poetic narratives of the campaign trail and the prosaic and transactional day-to-day grind of governance.
Gee, you think, Nate?

Well, maybe
LGM's Scotty Lame-ieux's got the plan:
We need our own Ari Fleischer; even if he can’t be as accomplished a liar, at least he’d know to keep his focus on his actual enemies.
This president's a liar, Scott (even Snooki says so). The press secretary can't fix that. And thanks for confirming that, yes, sadly, we are enemies.