Tuesday, August 10, 2010

JetBlue Attendant 'Banging His Boyfriend When the Cops Showed Up'

This guy's getting a cheery write-up in People Magazine, "In His Own Words: JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater's 20 Year-Career." And local news reports say he's out on bail, "Fed-Up Flight Attendant is Out of Jail." And Towleroad has the background, "JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Held on $2500 Bail."

But it's far left-wing Gawker that picks up on the oft-missed angle, "
Cranky Flight Attendant Was Banging His Boyfriend When the Cops Showed Up":

Yesterday we heard how the disgruntled flight attendant's altercation with a passenger (which was related to a suitcase and/or overhead bin bonking Slater on the head) culminated in him announcing over the plane intercom, "To the fucking asshole who told me to fuck off, it's been a good 28 years. I've had it. That's it," then grabbed two beers from the galley, activated the jet's inflatable slide, and bolted off the job. The content of Slater's rant remains in dispute: Some say he called the passenger a "motherfucker" instead of an "asshole," and others dispute who told whom to "fuck off." (And although he seemed to suggest he'd been working as a flight attendant for 28 years, he started working for the airlines 20 years ago.)

Either way, the word "fuck" occurred twice, and the act of fucking occurred once: As soon as the surly steward arrived at his beachfront home in the Rockaways, he jumped into bed with his boyfriend, and was mid-coitus when the police arrived to arrest him for reckless endangerment and trespassing. The New York Daily News reports the scene of the arrest:

He boasted to skeptical cops that he really did escape by chute with his carry-on luggage.

"Oh, yes, I did! I threw them down first and I went down after," he told cops, sources said.

He was grinning as police walked him in handcuffs to a squad car. "He left with a big smile on his face," said neighbor Curt Karkowski.

The New York Post adds that Slater told authorities he was HIV-positive. During his arrest Slater was photographed in a sage green t-shirt and madras shorts. Many outlets have noted that Slater's MySpace profile (which we raided yesterday) testifies to a history of "alcoholism and substance abuse." Did a life crisis predicate the haughty high-flier's mid-tarmac meltdown? ...

More details at the link.

Actually, seems like a nice guy. But I can't help thinking of the gay hookup culture, reported last night. (And while gays are in the spotlight with the Prop 8 ruling, out in the real world it's like they're showing up for a job interview drunk and cursing. Those applications get thrown in the trash.) And if you missed it, you might need a drink while you're reading Out Magazine's, "Has Manhunt Destroyed Gay Culture?"

Manhunt is rarely mentioned in newspapers or magazines. Occasionally it shows up in stories about public-health crises (of which more later). A little more often, reporters discover the Manhunt profiles of public figures, who are subsequently embarrassed, or worse. The mayor of Spokane, Wash., and the chairman of the school board in Richmond, Va., for instance, both lost their office after their Manhunt profiles were made public. Last year, a 24-year veteran of the Norwalk, Conn., police department was arrested for having sex with two 15-year-old boys and trying to arrange to meet a third -- all of whom he found on Manhunt. Nude pictures from profiles reputed to belong to Thomas Roberts, the former CNN anchor, and American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, were circulated on blogs and mentioned in gossip columns. And yet Manhunt members still seem to think they can get away with anything there: The profile of one of the world’s most powerful entertainment executives includes full-length naked photos of him, clearly showing his face, having sex with another man. Another famous master of industry advertises on Manhunt as a hung top, with a headless version of a widely published portrait of himself. God only knows how many more ticking time bombs lie among the profiles.

But the most powerful secrets that live on Manhunt aren’t the ones we keep from the outside world. The most powerful secrets on Manhunt are the ones we keep from ourselves. Practically every gay man has his own version of this secret, which we learned to keep while growing up in the closet: the secret fear that, if we were truly known, we would never be loved.
And speaking of the gay hookup scene, I guess TBogg's felicitous readers are on the inside (with respect to Greg Gutfeld's Muslim gay bar initiative):
Closeted homocons won’t go there because there are too many people around with cell phone cameras, and in general gay bars have been closing across the nation, including in NYC, because it’s easier to hook up online. On the plus side, that means Greggie & “friends” will be throwing their money away.
It's always something kinky at freaknozzle TBogg's.

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Opus #6 said...

Interesting. I didn't know that Slater was gay or HIV positive. I had never heard of Manhunt. Thanks for the info.

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks for posting all the links.
I like this guy. You can tell he's gay by looking/ listening to him. It will be cool to see his myspace page and the other stuff.