Sunday, August 15, 2010

Joseph Epstein Cancels His 'New York Times' Subscription

At Weekly Standard:
The New York Times used to be called the Gray Lady of American newspapers. The sobriquet implied a certain stateliness, a sense of responsibility, the possession of high virtue. But the Gray Lady is far from the grande dame she once was. For years now she has been going heavy on the rouge, lipstick, and eyeliner, using a push-up bra, and gadding about in stiletto heels. She’s become a bit—perhaps more than a bit—of a slut, whoring after youth through pretending to be with-it. I’ve had it with the old broad; after nearly 50 years together, I’ve determined to cut her loose.

I have decided, that is, to cancel my subscription to the New York Times. For so many decades the paper has been part of my morning mental hygiene. Yet in recent years I’ve been reading less and less of each day’s paper. Most days now I do no more than scan the headlines on the front page, check the sports pages for the pitchers in that day’s White Sox and Cubs games, then flip over to the Irish sports pages, as the obits have been called, to see if anyone I know has pegged out.
I've never subscribed. I still get LAT, though, mostly so I'll have something to read --- anything --- while I'm away from online news. As for NYT, some readers might note that I'll normally include FWIW ("for what it's worth") when linking. Sometimes there's good information, and I need to discuss it. But you mostly just can't trust the reporting, so take it with some salt, as they say. It's a "feather in my hat," of course, to have forced a correction at the Times. So, I'll keep reading it to see if I can score another!

Anyway, Steven Givler quit the Times in 2006, and he's got his cancellation letter here: "
Saying Goodbye to the New York Times."


JBW said...

The "liberal media" aside Don, get a smart phone and lose the dead tree media altogether. Not that there isn't still good reporting there but reading already old news on pulp is so 20th century.