Sunday, August 1, 2010

Penélope Cruz Rule 5

Washington Rebel's got style:


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Reaganite Independent said...

Much obliged, Donald

Saw The Clash in a small theater in 1982... whatta show

Also Clash and Iggy Pop opening for the Stones in 82 in Detroit... how's that for a lineup

Anonymous said...

Donald! Thank you!

Dennis said...

Penelope Cruz is an attractive woman, but for me not as much as some other women. What she does have is a sensuous quality that really draws attention. It augments her considerable talent.
I have always wondered why more beautiful women do not seem to have that quality. I see the sexual a lot, but rarely see that sensual quality that Penelope Cruz exhibits.
Sorry just kind of musing here. Ah, be that as it may beauty is always nice to behold.