Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rand Paul News — 'Aqua Buddha' and Jack Conway

Mostly fluff, but interesting.

From Ben Smith, "
Paul campaign attacks GQ reporter." The reporter in question is Jason Zengerle, who's also with The New Republic. Focus on that angle, not legal threats. Hang the JournoList albatross around GQ's neck. (More on this at Memeorandum.)

And related, "
Democratic Operative Busted Smearing Rand Paul at Fancy Farm":

Too bad people cannot deal openly and honestly with real issues and argumentation. Actually, it’s a good thing: these kinds of antics actually show them for what they are: liars. Jack Conway and company will have to do better. Furthermore, this confirms what tea party goers have claimed elsewhere, as this Fox article reports.
Also at Mediaite, "Jack Conway Supporter Caught Disguising Himself As Racist Rand Paul Fan." And R.S. McCain, "Fake Republican, Real Hate: Democrat Tries Moby ‘Racist’ Smear on Rand Paul."