Friday, August 6, 2010

What Mosque 'Inside' the Pentagon?

For some reason leftists think they've pwned conservative opponents to the Ground Zero Mega Mosque. The title of Think Progress' post is misleading: "Reminder to critics who think a mosque is offensive to the legacy of 9/11: There’s already one at the Pentagon" (via Memeorandum):
In opposing the planned Islamic community center two blocks from Ground Zero in New York City, conservative stalwarts have picked up on right-wing extremists’ paranoid hysteria over the initiative.
Read the whole thing. Think Progress argues that there's a mosque "inside" the Pentagon and cites a Salon essay by Justin Elliot as the source, a post titled, "Why did no one object to the 'Pentagon mosque'?" The only problem is that there is no "mosque" at the Pentagon. Elliot cites Navy imam Chaplain Abuhena Saifulislam in an attempt to smear conservatives as unhinged hypocrites, and then Elliot got picked up by Daily Kos and then finally back over to Think Progress. Elliot's essay at Salon is also illustrated with imagery designed to ridicule some kind of irrational conservative "fears" of Islam:


This at minimum caricatures the views of Ground Zero Mosque opponents, and I'd be too generous to say Think Progress et al. are mostly just dishonest. Elliot links to an article at the Washington Times from 2007, "Pentagon observes Muslim holy month." Notice the key difference in language: The Pentagon "observes" Muslim holy month, which is Ramadan. Thus the context is the Defense Department policy of allowing sectarian services for Muslims at the Pentagon building. And that is a far cry from building a "conquest mosque" at the site where 184 people died on September 11th. The left's false analogy decontextualizes the concerns of those who perished at WTC, those who view the development of a new Islamic center as a victory monument to Islam. Such opposition is strengthened by the fact that Ground Zero Imam Abdul Rauf has ties to the Gaza flotilla and is an ideological spokesman for modern Islamic jihad.

On top of that, it's not like conservatives HAVEN'T objected to the actual construction of Muslim facilities at military installations. Imam Saifulislam, who as far as I can tell is the only Muslim cleric being cited by Salon and Think Progress, was at the center of controversy in 2006 when an "Islamic Prayer Center" was being established at the United States Marine Corps training center at Quantico, Virgina. See, "
Taxpayers fund Islamic center: Prayer building on Marine base not really mosque, officials say." And note the key information at the passage:

An announcement that the U.S. Marine base at Quantico, Va., has refurbished a building to be used as a prayer room for Muslim soldiers and civilians on base is a "bad signal," one critic has concluded.

The Marines announced earlier this summer that one of the buildings on the base had been repainted so that Muslims would have a place to pray and hold religious services

The new "Islamic Prayer Center" is the first of its kind on a Marine base, and "serves to express the Marine Corps' recognition of diversity among service members and the commitment to provide continued support to all Marines regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender," the base announcement said.

However, Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer said he wonders why the Marines do not seem concerned such facilities might to used to generate anti-American sympathies.

"It's going to go up as part of a testament to American multiculturalism and so on without any indication of the possibility that this could be a source of what we're fighting against," he said. "It just sends a bad signal."

At the dedication ceremony, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England praised the estimated 4,000 Muslims in the U.S. military. Joining him were leaders of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

CAIR describes itself as America's largest Muslim civil liberties group and boasts 32 offices, chapters and affiliates nationwide and in Canada. Its mission, it says, is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

However, CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association for Palestine, identified by two former FBI counterterrorism chiefs as a "front group" for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. Several CAIR leaders have been convicted on terror-related charges.

"It is sadly ironic and lost on most that the plan to dedicate the prayer center and build a new mosque was approved by military leaders occupying a building that was attacked on 9/11 – the Pentagon – where more than 100 of its occupants were killed on that day," was the conclusion of those at, a private security organization.
Justin Elliot and Think Progress might want to revise their posts. Robert Spencer (along with Pamela Geller) is among the leading opponents of the New York Mega Mosque. Thus, not only is there not a "mosque" at the Pentagon, but an earlier initiative to establish a fully designated "Islamic Prayer Center" met with the same kind of opposition that we're now seeing with the Cordoba Center. I'd add as well that the same folks who protest the erection of Islamic victory mosques have stressed repeatedly their respect for freedom of religion. Imam Saifulislam's Pentagon prayer services allow Muslim service-members to worship their faith as fully protected members of America's pluralist religious order. The U.S. did not prohibit Islam after 9/11. And our armies in the field are working with Muslim populations in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world to defeat militant jihadis who kill indiscriminately, regardless of faith.

Mega Mosque opponents are asking Muslim religious leaders to exercise their rights responsibly. No one is attempting to take away those rights.

The essays at Salon, Daily Kos, and Think Progress are simply additional examples of the anti-intellectual smear tactics disguised as "debate" that are found routinely on the left. Just watch. More people will die from this kind of conservative-bashing. Talk about political opportunism. It's pretty sick.

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Dave said...

I have just about had it with these stoopid, 7th Century, flea-ridden, camel-washing, dune monkey barbarians.

Fuck them, fuck Mohamed, and fuck Allah.,8599,2007238,00.html

Defend the above link, you stoopid Muslim apologists.

That hideous act against that young woman was not carried out by "extremists" but by mainstream, garden variety, run-of-the-mill everyday Muslims.

Where is the outcry from the so-called peaceful adherents of Islam the left keep "assuring" us are out there.

I don't hear so much as a f'ing peep.

Islam is nothing more than a totalitarian political movement - one that takes advantage of illiterate primitives to further it's cause.


Pat said...

Anyway, isn't it usually the Left that objects to religious facilities/symbols on government property?

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are right. Their false prophet was a psychopath, schizophrenic, sadistic serial murderer, and pedophile. How can we keep making excuses for Islam as a religion? It is a sham. How can we excuse these sadistic murderers occurring all over the world? I'm sick of people not getting it. It is a Supremacist ideology that promotes torture and murder. Read the Koran. It should be ILLEGAL!! It goes against human rights and all real religious morality. It's time this world said enough is enough. illegalize Islam. And give Muslims three choices. Convert to a real religion of love. Or be deported. Or imprisoned. That's a lot kinder than the choices they will give us if they dominate our country; I.E. Convert to Islam, or be enslaved. or die.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dave and Co. You wonder why people cry "racist" or "bigot" at conservatives every time this comes up? It's because people like you give other conservatives a bad name. Thank you, thank you so much for your contribution...

Chris said...

I love how this guy decries what he suggests as the left being disingenuous in labeling the worship area in the pentagon as a mosque. Then he goes on to call it a 'conquest mosque'. Gee.. that's not an exaggeration at all. It's an islamic center that will have a mosque IN it. Also, it will be joining other mosques already there, and.. its NOT at ground zero. An ACTUAL mosque is only a block further away. Oh.. so wait.. we conservatives are so scared and upset that it's only 2 blocks away. But.. our radius of intolerance and fearmongering only goes for 2 blocks. The one 3 blocks away.. that's ok. This argument is retarded. We aren't just disregarding the constitution in allowing religious freedom.. we are AGAINST AMERICANS. These are americans trying to build this place. So.. I guess republicans hate america. End of story. Im sure this won't be allowed by the moderator since it makes to much sense and really can't be argued against.

Brandon Muller said...

You are right, Chris. The writer pwns himself.

Funny how people like the writer of this article are so ignorant concerning Sufi Muslims (the kind Osama bin Laden hates and the kind that wants to build the community center).

Oh, by the way, they have been using the current building as a prayer center for a year now. They don't want to turn it into anymore of a prayer center than it already is. They want to expand it into a community center. Oh, god, how horrible! :)